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Chithra Salabhangalude Veedu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, September 30, 2008 • മലയാളം ]
Chithra Salabhangalude Veedu Review
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Master Ganapathy, Jagathy Sreekumar,Lekshmy Sharma,Manuraj, Master Hari, Master Shayam Sunder
Ravi Chalissery

Making a movie for children with an intention to release it in theatres is an uphill task in Mollywood. And that's one reason why children's films are a rarity in Kerala, and in that respect,

`Chithra Salabhangalude Veedu' scores a point. Directed by debutante Krishnakumar, the movie is centered on a group of problem makers led by Kunjimuthu studying in the tenth standard of a management school. Though very intelligent, Muthu, the rebellious son of an ex-naxallite Thavala Kochootty is often forced to help his father in transporting illicit liquor that he brews in the lonely hilltops.

The childhood pranks of the group often cross all limits and this forces much of their teachers to find a reason to show them the way out of the school. The school authorities get an opportunity to dismiss Muthu, when he is caught by the police while transporting liquor and is awaiting trail. In order to save his father, Muthu takes the blames on himself and is put on remand.

Meanwhile the new teacher Suja who joins the school understands the problems Muthu is facing. She, even without the support of his fellow staff, manages to make orders from the top departments to take the student back to school. She transforms the boy to the core and guides him along the path of self discipline, to make him the best in the class. But little can this influence the fate that was waiting for the student, outside the school.

`Chithra Salabhangalude Veedu' is not a bad film, by any benchmark. It is a film with a few messages to convey, and it does that without being too didactic and preachy except in the later half and in the unwarranted lengthy climax. The plot and treatment has nothing that is refreshingly new and is predictable to the core. And occasionally overdone melodramatic scenes also add to the problems in the narratives. But somehow director Krishnakumar and scriptwriter Brijesh Balakrishnan manages to salvage the proceedings. The music department handled by Dr Muhammad Shakeel, and the lyrics by Unnikrishanan Wayanad are funky and upbeat which fits in well to the narratives. The songs like 'Vinnile' and `Onnam Divasam' are extremely enjoyable and hummable. So are the background scores by Sharath, which enliven, many a sequences that could have been lost.

In the acting department's right from the main non-star cast to the supporting extras, barring Ganapathy and Lakshmi Sharma, each and every actor delivers an insipid, synthetic performance. And certain scenes show that even school-level rehearsals could even made up   more professional level of acting. Even in this mayhem, there are interesting sequences with master Ganapathy that make you take notice. He as Muthu is excellent and is the major reason for the movie to remain watchable. Lakshmi Sharma as Suja teacher is not bad, though she could have done better in some of the sequences. Shivaji Guruvayoor as the headmaster, T.S. Raju as Kochutty, Manraj as Sethu, is in their usual self. A mention must be also made for debutant Lal Kannan, who etches out some good visuals working behind the camera which suits the mood of the flick.

Watching `Chithra Salabhangalude Veedu' is so predictable like going to your regular hangout with all the regular expectations. Though the intentions behind the film may have been good, the execution could have been better. Any way, advised for a watch, if you have no other big assignments.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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