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Collector Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, July 21, 2011 • മലയാളം ]
Collector Review
Suresh Gopi, Mohini
Anil C. Menon

After a while, it is a happy event to see Suresh Gopi back in form with the same punch and power, in a typical role that he does best. He with his guns and lectures plays to the gallery, spitting lethal dialogues at regular intervals. Apart from this, Anil C Menon's 'Collector' follows the very regular path with the same racy narrative patterns and camera gimmicks made popular by the Shaji kailas films, a decade ago.

As usual, the backdrop is our dear kochi, now depicted to be patronised by land mafia, goondaism and terrorism in all the Mollywood films. Suresh Gopi is as usual, the firebrand IAS officer, Avinash Varma, a special invitee of the left governments CM( again  as usual, Janardhanan), on a special assignment to take heads of the kingpins who dons the crime business of the metro. Avinash finds his trusted aides in ACP Revathy and social activist Arundhathy in his fight against the mafia led by an evil real estate baron Williams (Anil Adityan), supported by city Police Commissioner George Mathew (Baburaj), the city Mayor (Mohini) and the state Irrigation minister (Kalasala Babu). Avinash manages to nab him but certain unexpected happenings leads to the killing of Williams and  enter his brother Christopher(Rajeev). What follows now is a cat and mouse game with verbal and physical fights aplenty between the two teams paraded in the banners of the good and the evil.

Since the regular movie goers may have repeatedly seen 'The king', 'The commissioner,  and other similar hits, there will not be  a single scene that will appear fresh in 'Collector'. But if you can withstand the cliches, director Anil C Menon will get applauded for managing to stitch together this movie which was in the production for the last four years. He has been able to  present it without a least feeling of jadedness.

Sureshgopi brings out out another high voltage performance with plenty of slow motion rides. On screen, he is  ably supported by Baburaj and Rajeev. As usual, the women folk just manages to be set properties with hardly anything remarkable to do.

The highlights of the movie are the brilliant production values starting from its awesome title graphics to excellent cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa. Some of the dialogues in the former half and climax are indeed interesting, though that is not the case with the entire movie

All in all , this loud 'Collector' offers plenty of good reminiscences of our hits of the late nineties. For those who like fresh themes and executions, this will not be a happy affair

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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