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Da Thadiya Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, December 24, 2012 • Malayalam ]
Da Thadiya Review
Sekhar Menon, Sreenath Bhasi, Ann Augustine, Nivin Pauly, Arundathi Nag, Maniyanpilla Raju, Edavela Babu
Aashiq Abu
Anto Joseph


Closely watching the extremely different genres in which he is trying his hand successfully, it seems that director Aashiq Abu is passing through the best of the creative times in his career. The latest from him `Da Thadiya' is another example of how a watchful and meticulously working director with immense creativity can pull off any kind of film,  even without the support of any known stars. Undoubtedly a nice watch, this is another movie that stands true and close to the aspirations of the new generation audience. Enormously entertaining and gratifying stuff, 'Da Thadiya' delivers the big, fat punch, needed for a loving cine phile.

The movie has debutante DJ Sekhar Menon coming up as Luke John Prakash, who is growing physically by no  limits  creating headache for his politician father John Prakash(Manianpillai Raju), the chieftain of Prakash Congress. Thadiyan as he is popularly called now stands at 120 kilos,and has always been the close company of his younger brother Sunny(Sreenath Bhasi), a popular VJ and music composer . Ann Augustine comes up as Ann Mary Thadikkaran, who breaks havoc inducing love in the life of Luka, who but is more than sincere to Ann, his only girl friend ever. In her second coming , a zero size loving Ann introduces Luka to Rahul Vaidhyar(Nivin Poly)  and his weight loss program promising the former a more composed size and figure that interests the public. But this attempt of satisfy his lady love ultimately changes him to the levels that he has never thought of. 

Aashiq Abu's makes another expansive, energetic and determined work of film making, hits the right notes and deliver a worthy message, with the help of his protagonist who fits the role to a `T'. The director genuinely makes us feel the warmth of his big warm hug. He is evenly matched by the endearing nature of Sreenath Bhasi narrating the entire tale with his brittle looks. The scripts by Abhilash, Dileesh and Shyam Pushkran packs so much that, the movies doesn't miss a minute from getting you glued to the seats. Not just the movie, the musical composition by Bijipal is also enchanting with `MY are my Panchasara' rightly setting the mood of the things to follow. The visuals by Shyju Khalid and the editing also sprightly sound this movie in most of the chapters.

In the final analysis, `Da Thadiya' undoubtedly qualifies as the best of the flicks that has came out for this Christmas. With the heart on its right place, the movie is sure to make a unlikely hero and its fine narratives a big hit among all who love refreshing endeavours.

Rating -7.5/10




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