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Danger Preview

Danger Peview
Allari Naresh, Abhishek, Sairam Shankar, Swathi, Sherin, Shafi, Satya Prakash
Krishna Vamsi
Madhu Murali
Joshua Sridhar


Monday, October 31, 2005 • Telugu Comments

When a big, and undoubtedly talented director, hits a bad patch, there is all-round hand wringing and disappointment. But there is also an attendant hope that he would come through in his next film.

And that is the presiding emotion vis-a-vis Krishna Vamsi.

There is no doubt that he is a talented director. But when his films Sri Anjaneyam and Chakram failed at the box office, there was dismay all over.

It was a feeling borne out of the fact that a skilful director seemed to be losing his plot.

Tollywood couldn't afford to lose such a endowed technician who managed to balance between technical excellence and an ability to tell a story.

After the failures of the two films, Vamsi too understood the situation. He went into introspection mood. He went back to the drawing board, so to say, to analyze what and where things were went wrong.

Born out of that long moments of reasoning and reflection is Danger.

Danger is Krishna Vamsi is the biggest gamble till date.

The director has forsaken some of his trusted ideas to go for something new.

For starters, the film will not have any songs. Vamsi's films, even failures, have very good songs. So for a director like him cut that out means there must have been a compelling reason.

The film stars enthusiastic youngsters in the lead who have a lot to prove in the industry.

Allari Naresh, Abhishek, Sairam Shankar, Swathi and Sherin are in the leads. This is a team that is full of beans and is a raring to go. Shafi and Satya Prakash are also playing key roles in the film.

The film is all about some heightened tension and gritty action situation surrounding the young group. The story is too gripping to be given away here.

Vamsi says there is plenty for everyone to stay riveted.

Madhumurali is the producer. The film has been completed and only the post-production work is left.

Music is by Joshua Sridhar. He is a hot ticket now, and his background score is highly expected.

The film is set for release later this month.

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