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Deepavali Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, November 6, 2023 • తెలుగు ]
Deepavali Review
Poo Ramu, Kaali Venkat, Deepan
Ravi Kishore

Deepavali Movie Review

'Kida', which is releasing in Telugu as 'Deepavali', is a directorial creation by Ra.Venkat. The film has garnered significant recognition, including standing ovations, during its screenings at various international film festivals. Let's delve into what "Deepavali" has in store for movie enthusiasts.


Ganesha (Deepan), a young boy who has tragically lost his parents finds solace in the loving care of his grandparents, Seenayya (Poo Ram) and Meenamma (Paandiyamma). Ganesha's innocent heart is captivated by a dress he sees in a television commercial, and he excitedly asks his grandfather to buy it for him before Deepavali. Touched by his grandson's wish, Seenayya promises to make it happen.

Despite his earnest efforts, Seenayya finds himself in a challenging situation, struggling to gather the funds needed to fulfill his promise of buying the dress for Ganesha. As the story unfolds, we discover the interconnected lives of characters like the enigmatic black goat, Karrodu, Veerasamy (Kaali Venkat), Lakshmi (Vijaya), and others. Their roles and interactions become central to the narrative, revealing a heartwarming and emotionally resonant story that explores the themes of love, determination, and the enduring bond between family members. The journey to fulfill Ganesha's wish and the twists and turns that arise along the way form the rest of this compelling tale.


Director Ra.Venkat skillfully crafted a realistic and emotionally charged narrative that delves into the lives of the less fortunate during festivals, shedding light on their determination to fulfill their modest dreams with their meager savings. From the outset, the storytelling is focused on establishing the young boy's dream and his grandfather's unwavering commitment to make it come true. Throughout the narrative, the inclusion of characters such as the mutton butcher and others, whom the grandfather reaches out to for financial help, adds depth to the storyline.

Deepavali Movie Review

The storytelling flows smoothly, bringing the first half to a satisfactory conclusion. The second half maintains a measured pace and eventually culminates on a heartwarming note. Ra.Venkat eschews unnecessary plot twists and instead focuses on portraying the characters in a positive light, with the exception of a few outsiders who enter the village. While the storytelling is devoid of dramatic twists, the unidimensional screenplay may test the patience of some viewers due to its slow and deliberate pacing. The dialogues are grounded and realistic, though a touch of refinement in the script and the inclusion of a few dramatic elements could have enhanced the film's impact.

Deepan, who portrays the young boy, captivates the audience with his expressive acting and heartfelt emotions. His innocent looks and body language are endearing, especially when he eagerly awaits his grandfather to take him to the shop to buy the new dress. Poo Ram, in the role of the grandfather, delivers a compelling performance, showcasing his dedication to making his grandson happy by fulfilling his small wish. His decision not to beg for help and instead work hard to raise the money makes a profound impact, driving the narrative forward.

Kaali Venkat delivers a commendable performance as an honest yet habitual drunkard, skillfully conveying his emotions when trying to prove his innocence in the face of misunderstanding. Pandiyamma is effective in her portrayal of the grandmother, who constantly holds a mirror to her husband, revealing the realities of their life and their current situation. The supporting cast, including Vijaya, Kamali, Loki, and others, contribute lively and spirited performances.

Jayaprakash's cinematography brilliantly captures the rustic village atmosphere in a serene and picturesque manner, utilizing camera angles to showcase rural life effectively. The background music by Theeson elevates the scenes and keeps the audience engaged. While the editing by Anand Geraldin is acceptable, a more concise approach could have enhanced the overall viewing experience, given the film's deliberate pace. The production values are decent, contributing to the film's authenticity.


"Deepavali" is a poignant and sincere portrayal of the emotional journey undertaken by impoverished villagers as they strive to celebrate the festival by realizing their modest dreams, such as acquiring new clothes, lighting a few crackers, and crafting homemade sweets. Ra.Venkat skillfully narrates the story in a realistic and unembellished manner, capturing the essence of the villagers' struggles and aspirations.

While the film's narrative remains true to life, it could have had a more brisk and engaging screenplay, which would have elevated its overall impact and resonance with the audience. Nonetheless, "Deepavali" stands as a heartfelt depiction of the simple joys and aspirations of these villagers, allowing us to connect with their genuine and relatable experiences.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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