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Popular director's indirect attack on director Hari's statement!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 • Tamil Comments

The deaths of Jayaraj and Fennix in Sathankulam, Thoothukudi, which resulted due to brutal attacks by policemen for opening their shop beyond stipulated timings in lockdown, has shocked the entire nation and many people are voicing against police brutalities.

Recently, director Hari had issued a statement condemning the attacks, and had written that he regretted making 5 movies glorifying police officers. Now, another popular director Arun Vaidyanathan of Nibunan fame has expressed his opinion on the issue, taking a dig at stars and directors ashamed for acting in and directing police movies.

Arun Vaidyanathan had posted "As much as I condemn Saathankulam incident, I Dont approve the notion that the entire Police force is BAD and BRUTAL. Please don't forget the fact that during initial COVID 19 days, so many nice initiatives were done by Police department all over Tamil Nadu. Stop generalizing and black listing entire department for few black sheeps. Those black sheeps are in every walk of life! Especially, some of the film fraternity members are even going to the extent of saying 'ashamed for doing cop roles and directing them'....Come on, give me a break! This is not a film script, where you need to push the emotional quotient little over the top for some likes and retweets. Let's treat this as a separate incident, enquire the truth and punish the people behind them. Don't project the entire department in bad light. My prayers are with the Jeyaraj and Fenix family. I hope the justice is served soon."

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