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Doctor Innocentaanu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, May 3, 2012 • മലയാളം ]
Doctor Innocentaanu Review
Innocent, Sona Nair, Jagathy Srekuamr, Suraj venjaaramoodu, Dineesh Panikkar, Mamukoya, Kottayam Nazeer

After that extremely forgettable `Ringtone' , director Ajmal is trying a different genre in his new movie ` Doctor Innocent aanu'. But the important question that comes up is whether the filmmaker has learned any wise lessons from his debut debacle. The answer is a dismal no' as his new endeavour remains a poor rehash of the sequences from many well known hits of Mollywood.

`Doctor Innocentaanu' has liberal inspirations and sequences from hit films starting from `Thalayanamanthram' to Bharatham' and the recent `Bharya Onnu, makkalMoonu'. Featuring the senior star Innocent as a homeo doctor named Bhargavan pillai, the movie takes at least an hour to settle down on a happening thread.  The doctor who is a humanitarian by heart and an abode of all good things in the world, but  is the object of shame for his greedy wife Subbalekshmy(Sona Nair), who wants to live a lavish life of a doctor family. Visibly disheartened by the pompous life of people around, Subbalekshmy is trying ways to make her husband make more money and bring in more comforts for his family comprising of two children.

Bhargavan Pillai, but believes in providing low cost treatment to all who comes to him. He treats every kind of diseases charging just a sum of Rupees twenty and is also the ` free on call `'doctor for the nearby Orphanage run by nuns. He even doesn't fancy his batch mates at medical college who had made a name for themselves by constructing big clinics in the city and earning better income.

Subbalekshmy somehow convinces the doctor of contesting the local elections with the support of a local party, but ends up with a failure that cost him a publicity expense of two lakhs.  Also close to the doctor is the family of NRI Ibrahimlutty , who had been struggling for the last ten years without a single day leave at Dubai. The movie goes on to tell how the simple, straight ways of the doctor lands him into further trouble in his family life.

Out of the hundred problems of the movie, the lead ones include its age old story lines with nothing noteworthy and a leisurely, lethargic narrative. The protagonist played by Innocent is asked to deliver his characteristic style that was once typical of the actor, but the attempts on humour fails big time as the movie and the character  lacks the tempo of a wise cracker.

The interest of the new generation also doesn't seem to support that traditional style of its making. The poor scripting by the director doesn't give it a chance to hold on with a appreciable premise in the first half resulting in guaranteed boredom all through. And in the later half, there is some kind of family story included, though it is the straight lift from many other movies.

The only actor who holds to a decent performance is Sona Nair, who use best of the oppurtunity. Innocent repeats his trademark style and the rest of the cast has nothing much to do to make this an appealing movie. Anandhakutttan as usual , sticks to his usual styles of cliched  shots ,while the rest of the technical side also is unremarkable. The only highlight of the movie is the three songs by Santhosh varma, who debuts as a musician through the  flick.

This `Doctor Innocent aanu' may bring in some old generation viewers in the expectation of a decent family film laced with humour. But the warning is that, just not expect anything fresh or appealing, rather than a sort of televised family drama ala the kind of thing that we frequent in the  small `idiot box'.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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