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Dolphin Bar Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 22, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Dolphin Bar Review
Anoop Menon, Honey Rose, Suresh Gopi, Rahul Madhav, Saiju Kurup
Sudeep Karat , Arun M C
M. Jayachandran

Dolphin Bar

Anoop Menon has for sometime stayed away from penning scripts  following the allegations of including extra stuff that is not suitable for family viewing. On his return in ‘Dolphin Bar’, he rarely switch off his penchant for scribbling dialogues that has plenty of double-entendres , but make good for all with a climax that makes it another feel good entertainer.
Dolphin bar features Suresh Gopi as Surabala alias Panayamauttam Sura, a big abkari who owns two dozens of bars in Thiruvananthapuram circle and virtually rules the business in capital city . Living a happy married life with his wife Kochuvava(Kalpana) and two children, Sura’s most famed bar is more of a ladies joint in the title ‘Dolphin bar’. A different kind of man he is, Sura rarely drinks and is good at heart, though in a wrong business. Currently Sura is bitten by a new bug that has early bitten Pranchiyettan- Yes, the need to make a good name and to make people respect him. In this hankering of social acceptance, he is learning  to improve his typical English accent  attending  tuitions, and taking aids from everyone around. His close peer and guide Achankunju (Madhu) advises him to ask someone to pen all the positives of his lives as a biography so that it may find some film makers who fancy to film the book, which in turn will raise the respectability of Sura. And for that Sura approaches USman, a ghost writer who specialises in the art. The flash backs of Sura then unearths as episodes  that interests most.
Sura is also facing another problem as his astrologist has advised to play safe this year as he may face  threats on his life, which could be averted only by a lady who must come on her own to establish a relationship. Sura with his close aids Cognac Pappinu(Jojo), Nandan Vendakkamury(Anoop Menon)and Valsalan(nandhau) tries to find a solution of his new fear. As they discuss the matter in a sea shore arrives  a letter from an unknown lady in a ‘Michelin fibre bottle’  which holds the key for the rest of the happenings.

The movie has a serving of no-holds-barred adult humour .A special note must be made of these witty one-liners/dialogue, which is a replica of exactly how many youth converse these days. The screenplay which mishmashes different happenings with the life of Sura, are cleverly plotted, which keeps you engaged till the end. Add to that the appealing twist in tale in the climax which give it a life as a feel good entertainer, ‘Dolphin bar’ must feel safe in a already crowded market.
Director Deephan keeps you involved in the on-screen happenings, with colourful visuals by Jeethu Damodhar and fine art direction and the the sets by Saloo K geoerge.. Also, his choice of actors for supporting roles right from veteran Madhu to Jojo and Nishanth Sagar (as Body guard Biju which has the house in splits ) adds a lot of sparkle to various sequences. There's not much scope for songs in the movie, but the two included are good- ‘Ennomale’  is another awesome composition from M Jayachandran  while ‘O Mridule’ is remixed without losing the charisma of the original. Xian Srrekanths’s cuts also never let you fell that the movie is around 150 minutes.

Sura is an interesting character which finds fit with Suresh Gopi, though at times some may feel his trivandrum slang  as  a little overly done. But for those who can drop the realism factor and enjoy the ride, Suresh Gopi renders a fine act . Anoop Menon’ s role is an extension of what he has done in ‘Beautiful’. Meghna raj looks pretty as Mridula while Kalpana delivers another exciting performance as kunju Vavachi.
“Dolphins’  is a film which leaves you with a happy feeling. It is worth a watch, at least for naughty jokes, outrageous lines and good execution.

Rating -6.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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