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Haddhu Ledhuraa Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, March 22, 2024 • తెలుగు ]
Haddhu Ledhuraa Review
Tiger Hills Production, Swarna Pictures
Ashish Gandhi,Ashok,Varsha,Hrithika & Tanikella Bharani
Rajashekkar Raavi
Veeresh Gaajula
Kamal Kumar D

Haddhu Ledhuraa Review

Haddhu Ledhuraa shines a light on the story of two friends who join forces to confront a formidable adversary, tackling a significant challenge with boundless courage.


Arjun (Ashish Gandhi), the owner of a petrol bunk, and Krishna (Ashok), a doctor, share a deep bond that has lasted since childhood. Arjun is willing to sacrifice everything for Krishna. Their lives take a joyful turn when they both find love in the form of two beautiful women, Shruti (Varsha Vishwanath) and Sahasra (Hrithika Srinivas). However, their happiness is disrupted by a sudden incident that changes their lives forever. This incident is intricately linked to former MLA Gunasekhar (Rajiv Kanakala). The story unfolds as they navigate through these unexpected challenges and revelations.


Ashish Gandhi delivers a decent performance as the petrol bunk owner, portraying a rugged look that suits the role well. He shines in his stunt sequences, making a notable impact. However, his dialogue delivery is average. Ashok, in the role of the submissive doctor, tries his best but fails to leave a lasting impression. His delivery lacks the emotional depth needed for the character.

Varsha Vishwanath, niece of yesteryear actress Vani Vishwanath, delivers an okay performance in her role as the female lead. She portrays the typical character who falls in love with the protagonist's antics. Hrithika Srinivas, in the second lead, looks good and attempts to impress with her lively performance.

Haddhu Ledhuraa Review

Rajiv Kanakala and Tanikella Bharani shine in roles that suit their talents, delivering performances that are satisfactory.

Director Rajashekkar presents a routine and predictable story that lacks real highs. While the narration starts off interestingly, it loses momentum quickly. The film is marred by outdated scenes and a ridiculous screenplay that tests the patience of the audience.

The romantic track feels forced and slows down the pace of the film. The second half of the movie takes a drastic dip, leaving viewers disappointed. The twist at the end fails to offer any real surprises.

Gowtham Raj Nerusu's editing falls short of basic standards, with many unnecessary and dragging scenes. Cinematography by Ankani Anand is average and reflects the budget constraints of the project. Kamal Kumar D's music includes a couple of melodious songs, shot appealingly. However, the background score fails to elevate the scenes. Production values are below standard.


Haddhu Ledhura disappoints with its outdated storyline, failing to effectively highlight the value of friendship as promised by the film unit. Viewers are left dismayed by this discrepancy between expectations and reality.

Rating: 1.5 / 5.0

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