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Hangover Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 10, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Hangover Review
Aashiq Abu

Following the list of `boy' movies with non sensical storylines is the latest movie from debut director Sreejith Sukumaran titled `Hangover'. A Hangover that may even remain  for long and deter you to experiment with films from other freshers, the movie unapologetically lifts sequences from some greatest hits of our times like `3 Idiots' to a make a mockery of scenes . Failing to offer anything new to the narratives or even good sidetracks, this hangover is sure not to last for long.

The movie has as usual four jobless lads in the centre, Ebbey(Maqbool), Appu(Bhagath), Noor and Kiran  doing nothing worthwhile. As richest lad among the group, Ebbey meets with a heartbreak as his lady love whom he was trying to avoid suddenly gets engaged with another guy, the foursome plans a adventure trip to kidnap her from the marriage venue. The booze soaked trip but unexpectedly gets into troubles and the foursome move on to some events of crusade that they never planned earlier.

Hangover hangs on a very flimsy plot that is sure to get derailed unless handled with extreme care and sensitivity. The debutante director fails to do that and apart from some sequences that operated around the joviality of the friends and their drinking habits, nothing really works in the film. Few one liners by Bhagath are the only saving grace that manages to push the movie away from the petty mediocrity. The ever predictable climax and overall  making that is average , without any different production design, will affect the movie in the Box Office.

Among the four Bhagath appeals in parts while Shine Tom overacts in the crucial scenes. Maqbool and others in the cast just manages to be in the offered roles, doing nothing impressive. The ladies in the fray are in minuscule roles.

The songs and title score by Mejjo Joseph are above average while the cinematographer Anish lal does managed to capture some better visuals. But the debutante editor fails in proper cuts which is quite evident in the scenes.

In the final analysis, this `Hangover' at 100 minutes ,may no be a film to cherish either for its producers or makers.

Rating - 4/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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