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Hello Music Review

Hello Music Review
Jithin Arts
Mohanlal, Parvathi Milton, Madhu, Siddique, Jagadhish, Madhu Warrior, Keerikkadan Jose, Spadikam George, Salim Kumar, Beeman Reghu, Rizabava, Ganesh Kumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu
Rafi Mecartin
Joy Thomas Sakthikulangara
Alex Paul, Vayalar Sarath
Music is an ordinary fare
IndiaGlitz [Saturday, June 30, 2007 • മലയാളം] Comments

Alex Paul and Vayalar Sharath has been the busiest team last year continuously churning out hits in a row. But this year, their hectic schedules show themselves in their many creations, which has finally resulted in mediocre songs. The music track of Hello is also not an exception with songs that can boast nothing of novelty or innovation. The film has a few foot tapping numbers that won't interest you too much or force you to go for a second hearing.

1. Mazhavillin Singers: Afzal, Manjari, Sangeetha Prabhu

The duet sounds is the welcome song of the album. Manjari and Afzal render the most decent track of this otherwise flaky album with Sangeetha Prabhu playing a second fiddle to the proceedings, giving voice to Hindi lyrics. The song seems like a whole lot of numbers you have heard somewhere sometime. At times, it is reminiscent of the songs from Ustad and Manjari sing exactly like that she has done for the Mazhayil song of Karutha Pakshikal.

Anyway, it Breeziest and peppy song of the album

2. Bhajan   Singers: Akhila, Andriya, Manjari

Three good female sounds add life to this Bajan which make you feel more like a Gujarati dance song.

3. Chella Thamara    Singers: Chithra K S, Sangeetha Prabhu

This is the other feel good song of the album. K S Chithra begins trendily only to sag into an excessively mushy number. The song fares better when the singer gives it the traditional treatment and easiness, it truly deserves. The songs have interludes of chorus singing Hindi lines. But it does not break new ground in terms of either composition or lyrics.

4. Hello Singers: Swetha, Vidhu Prathap

The songs which is rather a slow one which excels only on the sensitive rendition of the lead. This is the only song in which the musical director has tried for some difference. It has a different feel, but don't interest you more than once. Repeated as a solo by Shwetha which showcases her talents to sing with feel.

5. Kadukkittu Varuthoru Singers: M G Sreekumar, Sangeetha Prabhu

The song is a dance number with booming Jhankaar beats stereotypical of a typical number. There is nothing remarkable lyrically or musically about this run-of-the-mill song. The song is repeated in the voices of Cochin Ibrahim, even though the first version with more experienced singer is more pleasant. Sangeetha Prabhu also lends voice to the Hindi lines intercepted in the song Overall, Hello is ordinary fare from Alex Paul, who have earlier impressed with compositions like Classmates.

To get the exact emotions that the songs depict, just log on to and listen to the songs.