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Hello Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 6, 2007 • മലയാളം ]
Hello Review
Jithin Arts
Mohanlal, Parvathi Milton, Madhu, Siddique, Jagadhish, Madhu Warrior, Keerikkadan Jose, Spadikam George, Salim Kumar, Beeman Reghu, Rizabava, Ganesh Kumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu
Rafi Mecartin
Joy Thomas Sakthikulangara
Alex Paul, Vayalar Sarath

Who can handle the role of a comic drunken lawyer better than Mohanlal.  If you research through all the Indian filmi history, you may not get even any another competant from the south. And if you have any doubt on this, Hello is a film for you. The actor with his ease and timing simply rocks playing Adv. Sivaraman in the film. Rafi & Mecartin, the duo who has translated comedy trends with their films, has given a clean family entertainer, with a near to perfect combination with the master actor who has once again displayed his carefree style with elegance. This light hearted movie will make you laugh all through out and will sent you home with chuckles.

The directors with the title Hello have made a laugh riot from the opening scene itself with variable ring tones assigned in the hand phones of various characters that instantly give the nature of the characters. Moreover they get very much with the comic capabilities of Lal , creating spaces in every sequences to display his  strengths, and he very well  translates even a minute gestures to bring in bigger laughs among viewers.

In the film Mohanlal is Sivaraman, a lazy criminal lawyer whose main weakness, is for the bottle. He likes to spend more time on bars and wouldn't even bother to appear in court. He does not have much to look forward to in life and travels in the side car attached to a bike of Chandy who is his constant companion in his drinking bouts. Handy (Jagathy) brings Sivaraman home on most days, bailing him out of difficult situations. The presentation of Siva Raman in the film is on a day when he has a drunken fight with three rowdies in the police list- Vadakancherry Vakkan (Spadikam George), Pattambi Ravi (Kireekadan Jose), and Batherry Bapu (Bheeman Reghu). And what finally happens is that they become his bodyguards, who are ready to do anything for him.

Siva Raman also has a long flashback which changed him to an alcoholic. In his early days he loved a girl named Priya (Samvrutha). But his parents were not prepared to not let him marry the girl of his choice and she was brutally murdered on the day they planned for elopment. And now Siva Raman is on his revenge against his family, by die drinking, thus giving pain to his parents!

And for that he still lives with his family, who are now regretting about the incident.

And in the life of Shiva Raman comes a twist in the form of a phone from Parvathy, a girl in distress, who pleads with him to save her life as she was kidnapped by goons who will kill her unless she provides the password of her bank account. This call alters Siva Raman's life, as he is forced to do much to save Parvathy, who herself is a rich Marwadi heiress. As his father Bada Bhai (Madhu) who runs a network of banks along with his brothers and other relatives is presently in London to do kidney transplantation, some one in the joint family is trying to clear off her by that time to squabble for wealth.

Siva Raman take Parvathy to his home pretending that she is his wife, as he tries to save her from her greedy relatives like Mahesh Bhai (Siddique), Dinu Bhai (Riza Bava), family lawyer Thomaskutty (Jagadheesh) and others. But Shiva Raman doesn't know that he is being trapped by the anonymous baddies who also kills two in the process. What is left for Shiva Raman is to use his advocating skills and brains, with muscle powers of his friends to unravel the mystery behind the murders, and kidnapping.

The film which flows into two and a half hours belongs to Mohanlal, the one man entertainment troupe, who shoulders the weight of the heavy twists in the plots, all by himself. He is thoroughly adorable and endlessly endears himself with his sensitivity and comic timing and easy-going camaraderie with Jagathy Sree Kumar his friend with a limp in one leg. 

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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