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Highlights of Rajamouli's statements on 'RRR' movie

Thursday, March 14, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Highlights of Rajamoulis statements on RRR movie

Rajamouli has spoken at length about the RRR movie during a media briefing on Thursday.  He revealed so many things for the first time.  Here we bring you some of the key highlights:

The film tells a fictional story of Alluri Seetharamaraju (to be played by Ram Charan) and Komaram Bheem (NTR). What would have happened had they met in the 1920s?  That's what the film explores.  Charan and NTR play friends.  

The origin of the idea lies in 'Motorcycle Dairies', a film about Che Guevara.  It's not revealed that the film is about Che until the last moment.  Rajamouli was excited by this idea.  "It was a fantastic twist in the climax of this movie.  I too wanted to toy with such an idea.  Alluri and Bheem were guerilla fighters.  They were contemporaries," he says.  

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan will appear in the flashback portions. Alia Bhatt is paired up with Charan.  Daisy Edgar Jones is with Tarak.  Kollywood actor Samuthirakani has another key role.

The story takes place in the North. That's why you will see north Indian actors too in the movie.  It was not a conscious decision to cast Bollywood actors.  

I wouldn't have made this film had either Charan or NTR refused to do it.  I would have gone on to do some other film.  

Charan and NTR are everything in the story.  They are the heroes, heroines, villains.  The rest of the actors are supporting actors.  Alia Bhatt will be seen as Seetha, a mentally strong woman.

The movie will be called as 'RRR' in all languages.  The abbreviations, however, will be different in different languages.  We are crowd-sourcing opinions for these abbreviations.

The film tells the unknown stories of Alluri and Bheem.  They are not known stories.  There is very little authentic material available about their early lives.  So, the entire story is fictional.  The film ends with the return of these two great heroes to fight for freedom.  Much of the story is set in north India. Bheem is from Telangana and Alluri is from Andhra.  It's a great fusion. Their friendship will be exciting to watch on the screen.  

The story is not set in contemporary times.  The entire story unfolds in the 1920s.

Alluri had a 'maradalu' named Seetha.  They had romance in their lives before marriage.  Bheem too had a woman in his life.  Controversies will always be there.  Even 'Baahubali' was dragged into controversies.  Just because Krishna garu's Alluri movie and even 'Annamayya' faced controversies, they didn't stop themselves from doing more films.  

We are not going to release any First look or teaser this year.  The release date is far away.  So, nothing is going to come from us anytime soon.

I rise above the expectations of the audience.  I keep my mind closed from my previous films.  I won't let people's expectations cloud my judgment.

Handling Ram Charan & NTR:  The only thing I have in mind is the story. The story would be spoilt if the director distributes the fights, songs, punch lines between his two heroes in a multi-starrer just to satisfy the heroes' fans.  While watching 'RRR' movie, the audience will forget Charan and NTR after their introduction scenes.  They will only watch the characters.  That is the biggest exercise.  The audience will be made to empathize with these characters equally.  

The film's budget is Rs 350-400 Cr as per Danayya.  Rajamouli says that hope makes him to expect Rs 10,000 Cr for the movie but the reality will be somewhere between recovering the budget and the hopeful collections.

The film will be released in about 10 Indian languages.

Rajamouli says he will be honoured if non-Telugu people start learning about Alluri and Bheem after watching the movie.

The get-ups of Charan and NTR will be completely different in the movie. Alluri will not be seen as the typical Alluri that we know.  How he lived and looked before he became a freedom fighter is what is being explored with creative freedom.

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