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Hrithik Roshan: Three for Comfort
Saturday, May 10, 2014 • Hindi Comments

Post his brain surgery, Hrithik Roshan’s health has gone downhill, so much that he has to be very careful about everything he does. According to sources close to him, the actor finds it difficult to sit in one position for long.

Hrithik said to be suffering excruciating pain often and so he is not able to sit in same position; especially while can’t travel for long time sitting on same seat in one car. Hence, the actor, who is currently shooting for ‘Bang Bang’, has sought to use three cars for travelling. "When he starts feeling uncomfortable, he gets out of from one car and gets into another car to make sure his back is not subjected to similar seating position for long," said the sources in an interview.

Adding to that his health woes is his personal stress owing to his separation with wife. Apparently the team ‘Bang Bang’ are giving Hrithik the best of treatment, so he feels comfortable and at peace.