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Icon of Telugu "Low - Income" class - R. Narayana murthy!

Friday, May 1, 2020 • Telugu Comments

Icon of Telugu Low - Income class - R. Narayana murthy!

The use of word Labour doesn't pertain to one class or group or section of people. As we all state "Labour Laws" to the company and work under the same guidelines, anyone who works to earn money is doing Labour and unless you become an investor, you will always be called a "Labour" too.

So, R. Narayana Murthy - Telugu actor who made movies on communist idealogy should be an icon for all of us. But he is more identified as their hero or their representative by a section of audiences, mainly "Low-income" people. Why so?

Take his films like Orey Rickshaw, Erra Sainyam, Adavi Diviteelu, Raitu Rajyam, Dalam, Laal Salam, Singanna and many more. He believed in his ideals more than commerce and that reflects in his choices. He never tried to go ahead and make a movie that talks about how Governments are good or people in Governing bodies are great.

Icon of Telugu Low - Income class - R. Narayana murthy!

He always decided to stay left to the right and that did not give him the universal acceptance. His Guru, Dasari Narayana Rao who had same ideology decided to target "middle class" with similar themes than lower income group. He made movies that sympathised with Naxal movement, he made movies that talk about class differences like Agni poolu at the same time he made Premabhishekam, Bahudoorapu Batasari, Bangaru Kutumbam, Maghasandesham, Sivaranjani - (in most of these films - Narayana murthy appeared in small roles too), and many like them.

So, he diversified and tried to make films that are universal at least in their representation if not, thematically. Now, with R. Narayana Murthy being called as one income class legend or representative shouldn't be a problem. As we talked about that part, let's talk about him as a filmmaker. He was never a filmmaker like Mani Ratnam or Ram Gopal Varma but he earned a name for his films because of their sentimental value.

Icon of Telugu Low - Income class - R. Narayana murthy!

He encouraged his composers to come up with tunes that carry emotional value than musical value. He never tried to make a film that he never believed in and for that, even if had to take up 10 jobs all by himself, he did not stop. He earned respect of Industry for being a man of principles and in Telugu Film Industry, if any actor after Madala Ranga Rao and after filmmaker Vejella Satyanarayana sticked to their principles and made movies despite box office results, then it is him. Hence, on May Day, even though it looks a bit stereotypical remembering him and his films, songs like Nee Padam mida puttu macchanai Chellemma, Erra Jenda erra jenda enniyallo erra erranidi jenda enniyallo and many more, appropriate.

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