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Must know secrets of a millionaire playboy!

Friday, September 14, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Must know secrets of a millionaire playboy!

Entrepreneur,  Instagram’s most interesting man, millionaire, playboy, socialite- phew. We’re stopping there. And can you believe those tags are not associated with many but just a single person? And he, ladies and gentlemen, is Dan Bilzerian. Internet raves about him, naysayers go ballistic against him- but he doesn’t care. He continues to live life in only one size: king.

And as stupid it might sound to take life lessons from him, trust us, he’s got some and good lessons don’t hurt us no matter from where or whom it comes from.

1. Be unapologetically yourself

This might be a redundant advice you keep hearing from people, but which people never bother to follow up. Like all those girls yapping about finding that Mr.Right, who’s nice with a good job in a suit... .Please go check this guy’s insta profile. He’s the direct opposite of it all. The lesson to take here is not be something to impress someone, but to impress yourself and be your own. It’ll show in the confidence you ooze out.

2. Be ambitious

Dan Bilzerian’s life seems to be based on one solid motto: grand, grander and grandest. Anything and everything Dan does revolve around this concept. Just because he’s come from a wealthy family doesn’t mean he enjoys everything irresponsibly (well he does) but also owns up to yourself and chase your dreams no matter how hard it is. Too bad, Dan’s dream was conquering the marijuana industry. And he runs a marijuana company too. That’s an enterprising man now.

3. Stand up to your bullies

Be it school, workplace or that nasty neighbor of yours- standing up to your bully will go a long way in having a stress-free life. The key word is courage and grow it in abundance. Fun fact is that Dan Bilzerian was a lonely teenager while in school. Kids would mock him as he had no friends especially when his father Bilzerian was jailed. But then down the line, Dan joined the army and almost became a Navy SEAL and plays with guns as he’s also an arms enthusiast. Now, who wants to bully him?

4. Have a pet

What? Yes. If you become all decked up with loads of cash and cars and girls and are insensitive to animals, you’ll still be an insensitive brat. Dan Bilzerian’s love for animals(crocodile, tortoise, big snakes) is very evident on his social profile.  His cat’s name is Smushballs a three-legged Persian Doll Face cat which has half a million Instagram users. Yeah, beat that. Your puppy might not get as famous as Dan’s, but it might teach your character. After all, a dog’s a man’s best friend, and then maybe cats.

5. Don't be a miser

Dan is a millionaire. He can be all generous he wants. But what about us poor earthlings? There’s a saying that money shouldn’t be kept stagnant. It has to be always circulated to make more money. And a good way to do that is by being generous. Do the best you can for charity and never expect it back. Or if you’re broke, just get enrolled in a volunteer service.

Fun fact: Dan was once broke too. He had to sell his guns even. But then he got back on feet by playing a high stakes poker game. We don’t recommend it though.

6. Take care of your health

As you begin to make more, you’ll be tempted to spend more and party hard. You deserve it, you worked hard for it. But there’s a limit for everything. Dan has gotten three heart attacks until now due to the lavish and reckless lifestyle that he leads. Yeah, he does his fair amount of gym and all, but you know what we’re talking about. It’s been around five years since his last heart attack. We’re really proud of you Dan.

Okay, we really tried hard on this article. Even Dan Bilzerian wouldn’t approve of getting ‘life lessons’ from him. So for those wanting more, here are some bizarre Bilzerian facts that would make you question your existence.

7. Startling Facts:

Dan Bilzerian had once stated that he had sex with 16 girls in the span of 12 days. That’s some bragging. But Dan also has stated in interviews that women who join in him in the fun are really okay with it and that’s what they want too.

  • His total net worth is more than $100 million.
  • He once threw off a naked model off his roof. The model suffered a broken ankle then. Dan is also known for his high temper sometimes.
  • Dan was once arrested in high school for bringing in his dad’s assault rifle to show off to his classmates.
  • Dan’s beard is very important to him. Once a businessman offered him $100,000 to shave off his beard. Dan refused point blank.
  • Dan Bilzerian has a girlfriend. Yes, that (un)lucky girl is Sofia Beverly who frequents Dan’s timeline than any other girl. She too has an Instagram profile with over 300k followers. You should definitely follow her too, because hell, she’s Dan Bilzerian’s girlfriend!

Dan’s lifestyle may inspire some, make some cringe. But never boring. That’s what’s more intriguing about Dan Bilzerian- men want to be him and women want to be with him.