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In Ghost House Inn Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 29, 2010 • മലയാളം ]
In Ghost House Inn Review
Mukesh, Jagadeesh, Siddique, Ashokan, Nedumudi Venu, Kochu Preman, Harisree Ashokan, Mohini, Lena, Radhika, Reena Basheer and Kakka Ravi
Alex Paul
In Ghost House Inn

The most lovable four characters and their heavy camaraderie had been the most saleable USP, when anyone thinks of another sequel to the famous `Harihar Nagar'.

Yes, the characters are very much there, but what is missing is that inspiring twists that could have avoided the predictability that follows everywhere in this third part of `Harihar Nagar'-'In Ghost House Inn'.

In the third part of the series, the three friends Mahadevan, Appukuttan and Govindankutty are invited to the ''Dorothy Bunglow'' by Thomaskutty, their most mischievous friend who has bought it with the heavy sum that the latter got at the end of the first sequel. Thomaskutty is planning to convert the bungalow into a Hotel resort, and for that it is inevitable to prove to the public that no spirits or mysteries are still attached to the bunglow where some murders are said to have happened decades ago.

It is for that he is inviting his friends to stay at the Bunglow with their family. Though a bit frightened, all the friends and their wives take it as a challenge to help Thomaskutty. What follows is a new combination of horror comedy.

The movie is packaged as a mindless entertainer and will get the applause of those who never attempt to search for any logic between proceedings. The ambiance that is set by the initial sequences gives the space for a presentation, quite different from the previous two movies.

The jokes are there, but not too funny and original, which gives the feeling that the after cuts attached at the end credits are more attractive.

The highlights of the movie is definitely the climax, camerawork by Venu and the likeability of the lead characters and their manoeuvrings with Appukuttan getting more idiotic than ever before, hardly suiting any dentist in the profession.

The lows include the wafer thin storyline that hardly packs things that surprises us. All the four in the lead Mukesh, Siddhique, Jagahdessh and Ashokan and their wives played by Rohini, Lena, Reenabasheer and Rakhi play their parts well. Nedumudi Venu and Radhika has some role of substance that they do with flair.

All in all `In Ghost House Inn' may find it little harder than its prequels to satisfy the ever demanding fans of the fantastic four.

Rating: 0 / 5.0


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