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Ithihasa Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, October 14, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Ithihasa Review
Starring Shine Tom Chacko, Anusree Nair, P Sreekumar, Balu Varghese, Vidhya,Swapna Menon.
Deepak Dev

Ithihasa,Balu Varghese

Quite different from the other debutante, who has tried to for safe formula’s  in their first film, Binu S is on a different movie. He is trying to for a gender bender theme in his film Ithihasa, which has a thin storyline but an engaging narrative with a difference. Less known artists  Shine Tom Chacko and Anusree are in the lead.

The movie features the life of Alvi (Shine Tom Chacko), a pickpocket who works in partnership with his friend Vikku (Balu Varghese). Anushree comes up as a typical village girl Janaki (Anusree), an IT professional who is staying in a flat with two female colleagues. Janaki and Alby gets into possession of two magical rings and o ne fine morning Janaki finds herself in a male body while Alvi has entered  a female body. What follows is a outbreak of side-splitting events follows due to the confusion that ensue following the gender change. By the end of the first half, the two discover each other and romance sprouts between the two.

Adopted from the Hollywood flick ‘The hot chick’, the fantasy storyline sounds absurd and  simple , but is presented in a fine way which makes it worth watching. The movie takes support in the logic of a legend in history (Ithihasa) which speaks about two magical rings which have the power of switching the bodies of the two people who wear it at the same time. The highlight of the film is that eventhough there was every chance for cheap , vulgar and sexist humour, the makes tires best to be in the safer lines , well controlled even for family viewers delight. Though it doesn’t deal with any grave gender issues, or try to avoid  loopholes, it ends up as one film that has a fine narrative that doesn’t bore you once. You doesn’t feel the time running and doesn’t  want it to end.

Though both the lead actors are playing the lead role for the first time, they perfect their roles with amazing meticulous acting. Anushree steals the show with her alteration from a shy girl to a tough  'guy, ready to take on half a dozen thugs in one go. Perfect in her ‘manly’ act,  she reveals the acting talent that has’t yet been tapped in her half a dozen appearances in supporting characters.

Shine Tom is also equally  commendable, mostly as the heroine for most part of the film.  Balu Varghese who appears in almost all frames plays his part to perfection as the friend who has to deal with the sudden presence of a pretty girl in their old-fashioned bachelor space. All the actors - Swapna Menon as the heroine's friend, Sunil Sugatha as the local cop, Pradeep Kottayam as the curious neighbour all are perfect in their roles.

The technical sides are also just right with excellent cinematography by Sinoj Ayyappan.


Rating: 0 / 5.0


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