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Jackpot Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, July 15, 2006 • Kannada ]
Jackpot Review
Dhyan, Shuba, Antara Biswas, Sunil Rao, Daisy Bopanna, Sudeep
Anekal Balraj
Allwyn, Ameed, MN Krupakar

From the fag end of the first half 'Jackpot' gets the mood of joy on the screen. Till then the debutant director go helter-skelter. When you come out of the theatre you would feel that the god given 'Jackpot' according to one's fate is right.

Going behind 'Jackpot' are four youths. They are sales boys. They want to meet the target and get going in the sales graph. Two of the four Raja (Dhyan) and Ramesh (Harsha) at loggerheads as both love Preethi (Shuba Punj) who is living opposite their house. Raja and Ramesh try each other to win the heart of Preethi. Raja is lucky in his moves while Ramesh is hit by bad luck every time he approaches Preethi.

Not happy with his fate Ramesh hires a magician who is capable of converting the gender. With his help Ramesh sees to it Raja is converted as female. In such a situation winning the heart of Preethi would be easy thinks Ramesh. But we come to know that Preethi is in love with Raja not Ramesh. This aspect Ramesh is not aware. Now Raja is Laila (Antara Biswas) the beautiful girl who finds it shameful to come back to her friend's room to live. Raja alias Laila runs from pillar post for security of life. For the beauty and dancing ability Laila gets the opportunity to become an actress. She reaches the top but the dogging issue for her is that when she would become Raja. Lalila learns that her period of existence is only for six months and in that period no one should disturb her modesty. In case Laila modesty is at loss she would remain for ever as Laila is the fantasy aspect that makes interesting for a section of audience.

On the other hand Ramesh realizes that nothing is working according to his fate and admits his mistake. Somehow the secret of Laila leaks out to one of the producers who want the dates of Laila for his next film. Laila has given up her stardom as she wants to become Raja. The producer sends goons to arrest Laila's modesty. It is chase time now. At the same time the magician is traced to perform the pooja to rescue Raja from further danger. It is as expected by the audience at the end.

Dhyan has been consistent in his performance right from his first film 'Nanna Preethiya Hudugi'. He has that innocent mixed sweet face that suits him for this kind of movie. Harsha in a dance has been electrifying. Nanda and Raju Ananthaswamy as other two friends in the film evoke laughter.

The beautiful girls on screen who bring pleasantness are Shuba and Antara Biswas. Both are sweet looking glam dolls. Daisy, Sudeep and Sunil Rao in a song each heighten the entertainment quota in the film.

Three songs are OK. The remix of yesteryears Kannada song from the film 'Seetha Ramu' Onde Ondu Aaseyu is tolerable. What late Shanker Nag and Manjula have done Sudeep and Antara Biswas repeat it on screen.

The flashy technique adopted by cameraman or technical persons in the editing room is disturbing to the eyes.

This is pot full of entertainment.

Scoring - 6/10


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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