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James Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, September 20, 2005 • Telugu ]
James Review
Mohit Ahalwat, Nisha Kothari, Ravi Kale, Shereveer Vakil, Zakir Hussain
Rohit Jugraj
Ram Gopal Varma, Parag Sanghavi
Nitin Raikwar, Bapi Tutul, Prasanna Shekhar

There is only a certain amount that a mentor can do. It is for the protege to take up the cue and take it up further.

Ram Gopal Verma may be a good teacher and mentor to his countless students. But most of them have not lived up to the expectations or the high standards set up by Verma.

Rohit Jugraj, the director of James, is a good example. He had a good chance to prove his worth in the film. But somehow, he has faltered and managed to come up with just a mishmash medley. To be sure, Rohit shows plenty of pluck in canning gritty action sequences and stylized glamour. But he has come a cropper on the story and script part.

The story is as old as the trees and skies. James (Mohit) lands up in Mumbai in search of a job. He becomes a bouncer at a pub. Nisha (Nisha Kothari) is a model in distress as she is stalked by the brother of a politico (Sherveer Vakil).

Once James comes to the rescue of Nisha and beats up the boor. The politico's retaliation follows and then James goes on a vengeance spree. By then, everything becomes predictable and tedious.

Mohit looks good and has a good screen presence. Nisha (She was introduced in Tamil as Amoha Jay, Jay). She is the new girl of oomph. She is the new Urmila from the Verma's stable. There is no dearth of glamour whenever she is around.

The action sequences are, in one word, brilliant. But a film needs more. Nitin Raikwar's music too is very good.

But the film doesn't succeed because the other aspects are a bit amateurish. The Telugu flavor is also missing.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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