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Janapriyan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, May 21, 2011 • Malayalam ]
Janapriyan Review
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Jayasuriya, Bhama, Manoj K Jayan, Jagathy, Salim Kumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu
Boban Samuel

Scriptwriter Krishna Poojapura seems to have learned much from the debacle of their previous big project 'Four friends'. He has now landed on a story of a commoner, with life like sequences, without forced wits and fairly good narratives than his previous endeavours for the movie 'Janapriyan,' which is also the debut feature of its director Boban Samuel. A pretty watchable movie, that engage us most of the times, the highlight of 'janapriyan' seems to be unassuming story lines and narrative methods and off course, the central character played by jayasuriya who is there to refine his in disciplined colleagues.


 The movie has Jayasuriya as Priyadarshan, a guy from a small village who lands at Kochi to join the temporary job in the Taluk Office, in the place of Vyshakhan (Manoj K. Jayan), who is forced to go for a long leave. Vyshakhan is quite unruly and doesn't care about completing pending works in the office, as he believes that his future is as a successful filmmaker. A graduate from Pune Film Institute, Vysakhan is now after a producer (jagathy Sreekumar) for his debut film. 

On the other hand, Priyan is a honest, hardworking young man who had to shoulder the responsibility of his family since an young age, following his father's suicide. Being idealistic, Priyan also loves to marry a girl from a poor family as he believes that only such a girl can manage with the little income that he earns.While on the terrace of the little lodge where he is staying in the city, he also finds one girl in the next household named Meera, whom he believes to be the maid of the palatial bungalow.He starts weaving plans of starting a life with the poor Meera, who matches his ideals.


  Things are pretty happy till a day when Vyshakhan decides to cut short his leave and rejoin work. Priyadarshan pleads with Vyshakhan to extend his leave, so that he can continue in the present job.After many discussions Vyshakhan   agrees, but for a seemingly impossible demand of finding him a producer.Priyan now starts on his journey to find one, though he doesn't even know what is the role of  a producer in a film.


The highlight of the movie is definitely the likability and genuineness of the character played by Jayasuriya. He is consolidating his status as a dependable actor with superb peformances in every films. He perfectly moulds himself for the character and performs immensely well in sequences with the needed intensity, though the character has shades of that Thoppramkudy character of Mammootty in 'loudspeaker'. The plenty of unbelievable plot points in the movie are wisely handled by the debutante director who makes a confident debut creating a decent comedy, though most of the twists in tale are, as usual,  predictable.


  Manoj K Jayan has another likable role; a good continuity for his new comic avatar with `Seniors'.Bhama is impressive as Meera while lalu Alex, Devan and others in smaller roles are deftly handled by the director. But the entry that receives the biggest claps in theatres is of Salimkumar, who is fresh from his National awards announced this week.


 The technical sides of the movie are also fine with Pradeep Nair creating some fine visuals, while Manu  Jagath's art direction and Bijibal's BG scores are also mentionable.The movie has five songs by debut musician Gowthan, of which at least a couple are hummable and suits well with the mood of the flick.The director has also taken special care, not to include them as typical song and dance sequences but incorporated sequences to gel with the narrative and carry the story forward.


 All in all,' Janapriyan' is a simple small movie, with enjoyable moments, definitely worth for a onetime watch. Don't embark on theatres to see something extraordinary, but for another regular comedy flick that don't tax your brains too much.  


Rating -5.5 /10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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