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Jannal Oram Music Review

Jannal Oram Music Review
Parthiban, Vimal, Vidharth, Poorna, Manisha Yadav
Karu Pazhaniappan
Music Review
Friday, October 18, 2013 • Tamil Comments



Vidhyasagar is back with JanalOram, which is a remake of the Malayalam runaway hit "Ordinary". It features Vimal, Parthiban, Vidharth, ManishaYadav, Poorna and is directed by Karupazhaniappan.

1. Aasa Vecha Manasula Listen here

Lyricist : Yugabharathi

Singer : Tippu, Haricharan, Priya Hemesh, Abhirami, Priyadharshini, Velmurugan

A breezy and a moody song starts off with a chorus and then as a duet. The kind of romantic number with all the peppiness goes about with a recursive electronic beat in the background. Has a horde of singers and the signature of Vidhyasagar is heavily felt here, as the musician is known best for duets with slow beats.

2. Aatho Appatho Listen here

Lyricist : Yugabharathi

Singer : Bhoopalam Pragadeesh, Senthil

If you are a lover of Villupattu and the folky nature surrounding it, this one is for you. It serves as a platform to introduce the lead characters and the touch of local nativity is sweet, hats off to Vidhyasagar. Yugabharathi does a commendable job in the lyrics department helping off Vidhyasagar to weave a colorful tune. The singers Boopalam and Senthil too find themselves comfortable and no qualms at all.

3. Ennadi Ennadi Oviyame Listen here

Lyricist : Yugabharathi

Singer : Tippu, Vishal

The song makes us assume of a lethargic and carefree number that you'd love to hear leaning out of the window through the bus ride. Vidhyasagar comes up with a breezy number that goes well with the movie title; it has an array of verses around the song. The beau of the country side is sung at large, with a bulk of folky wrap. The flute bit amidst the interludes gets your music senses reviving.

4. Unna Pakkama Listen here

Lyricist : Yugabharathi

Singer : Haricharan, Abhirami, Cicily

A sweet duet by Vidhyasagar yet again, no hypes and hoopla at all! He comes out at what he is best; the slow and steady raise in the composition for a romantic song is what it makes up. Haricharan slightly has the edge over Abirami, and the sweet transition between the two is amazing. The slow violin orchestration with the pace of folky beat hooks you for sure.

5. Yela Mala Thoppa Listen here

Lyricist : Yugabharathi

Singer : Anuradha Sriram, Velmurugan

Starting off with a slow and hollow bit of flute, moves on with AnuradhaSriram taking up the helm in the emotional number. The composer has been delegated with a snail paced number to hormone the sorrow in the air, and he has come up with a rather awes trucking composition. The midway Veena and usage of classical instruments gets even better. All said this is a reminiscent of songs over the early 90's and could have been tailor made for present age.

6. Athili Puthili Listen here

Lyricist : Yugabharathi

Singer : K.Lakshman, Aravind, Rishi, Haresh, Aishwarya, Aswitha

Hooks you with the nature of the song as all along it's a gang of kids coming up with a beautiful performance. Like a statement of all sorts, the modern day kids making a point on what they are, with all the quirky sounds and vocals. A song which will be better off with the visuals and onscreen naughtiness of the kids should be the highlight. A crisp and brief number to relish!

Verdict : Vidhyasagar comes up with a decent album