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Java for February 2

Thursday, January 11, 2018 • Kannada Comments

A film made with lot of diligence by debutant Abhay Chandra in direction that has great support from his brother Vinay Chandra in music and execution of the film ‘Java’ is ready to hit silver screen on 2nd of February. Earlier the date of release was announced as January 19. As the rush of films might not get proper theatre set up for the film, the date has been deferred to February 2.

Siblings Abhay and Vinay father a veteran journalist Sureshchandra an actor in character roles in Kannada is expecting good results. He knows Vinay is already in to six films as music director and Abhay is just starting. However the release day is birthday of my second son Abhay Chandra he felt.

The sin you commit in this birth you have pay penalty in this living. This is the one line concept in the production of Vachan Shetty and Veerendra Vidyavarth.

The trailer of the film ‘Java’ was released on Monday morning at Chamundesware studio. Saikumar plays a cop in this film say it is a film of his 25th year in the cinema industry. Psychological, philosophical and commercial elements – brothers Vinay and Abhay have worked like Lava Kusha stated Saikumar.

Abhay Chandra did not disclose the contents of the film of his first direction. In the Hollywood pattern the background is made for this film he pointed. Vinay Chandra music director of this film disclosed different type of musical score and with confidence said it will not be like other films.

Known for good skills in performance Bhavani Prakash disclosed unhappiness for not getting opportunity to work with Saikumar in this film. There is no combination she meant.

Akshata, Madan actors in the film were also present. Producers Vachan Shetty and Veerendra Vidyavrath urged for good cooperation from the media. Ramesh Babu is distributor of this film. Two minutes trailer of the film of course created lot of buzz and makes one to watch the film ‘Java’.