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JK Enum Nanbanin Vaazhkai Music Review

JK Enum Nanbanin Vaazhkai Music Review
Sharwanand, Sneha, Nithya Menen, Santhanam
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Music Reviews
Friday, September 20, 2013 • Tamil Comments

Director Cheran is donning his hat once again for a meaningful few hours of entertainment. One of the first looks into the film is its album, set to tune by GV Prakash, transforming into sheer music with a bunch of his all time favourite singers of the young lot.

1. Facebook Login Pannu  Listen here

Voices : GV Prakash, Neha

Lyrics : Lyricist

Who doesn't use Facebook these days? The social networking website has become the identity of every individual, and it has become the easiest index of any person's identification. With rhythmic beats from start to finish and a rascally rendition of lyrics, the song is all about the traditional search method that a boy and girl would use to track down their love interest and establish a relationship. Look out for a basket full of internet slang and acronyms in the song!

2. Nee Enna Pesuvaai (F)  Listen here

Voices : GV Prakash, Saindhavi

Lyrics : Na Muthukumar

The second track is a lilting melody in Saindhavi's voice interspersed with that of her better half. Interestingly, Saindhavi's voice is not only fresh as it has always been, it also sounds unique in this number, seemingly having gained a little bass. Though the song is predominantly romantic, it speaks mostly only of silence and rain. Nonetheless, this one is five minutes of sweet melody, which is sure to make its way to everybody's play list.

3. Get Ready For My Mojo  Listen here

Voices : Vijay Prakash, Ramya

Lyrics : Madhan Karky

Thumping, foot tapping and full of energy, this one here is yet another party song for the league that loves to dance on the floor. But this is not just another party song, it is a new year song, which spotlights the valiant and stylish presence of the hero, and the girl's praise for him. Starting off on a countdown followed by crashing beats all through the song and the voices of Vijay and Neha adding pep to the mood, this is a lively song to be enjoyed in a crowd.

4. Uyire Uyire  Listen here

Voices : Benny Dayal, Ramya

Lyrics : Yugabharathi

The fourth duet in the album begins and lingers along the lines of a genre inclined towards Arabic, which becomes prominent after the second stanza. Choice of voices is intelligent, for the song which seems to happen at a crucial point in the film, with lyrics that are true to every word; the poesy, at places, challenges the natural course of events to break the lovely bond between a couple, only if it can. Though the score does not carry much bass, the voices lift the overall prominence of the song, making it vivid and the mood apparent.

5. Nee Enna Pesuvaai  Listen here

Voices : GV Prakash

Lyrics : Na Muthukumar

This one here is yet another lilting melody, and the male version of the one earlier rendered predominantly in Saindhavi's voice. There is no change at all in the lyrics, and is just as beautiful to the ears as the first one, with no difference except the lead voice and that there is no female voice in this one. Interestingly, this is the first and the only solo of the album.

6. Who is JK  Listen here

Voice : GV Prakash

Lyrics : Cheran

There could not have been a more funky introduction to the hero, than this one. The song is hip in every aspect - the choice of instruments and key notes, the lyrics and the tone that GV Prakash has added to his voice, to make the song offbeat yet fashionable on the whole. The track mostly has jibberish, and only a very few meaningful words. But none of them answer the big question, though - who is JK?

Funky, rocking and melodious, the album has everything that the youth these days want to listen to. Predominantly duets and only one solo to speak of, the album will certainly be a popular favourite among all.

Rating : 3.5/5