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Josettante hero Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, April 24, 2012 • മലയാളം ]
Josettante hero Review
Anoop Menon, Sneha
K. K Haridas
Josettante Hero


Anoop Menon is one actor who amazingly made a good fan following within the very short time he is into acting business. The actor with a number of fans in the families is in a juncture where he can work out on his roles and films and turn a more dependable star and find a place among the top brass of Mollywood. But as that happened with Siddhique, Kalabhavan Mani and Biju Menon  a few years ago , Anoop is handicapped  with his wrong role selection in a couple of recent films, which may resist him in his travel to the status of a more bigger star.

The latest from the star ' Josettante Hero, directed by K K Haridas is one film whose theatrical performance depends largely on the star in Anoop Menon. But provided with a film that doesn't offer anything fresh other than the performances of him and also Vijayaragahavan  , Anoop must also make sure that he is not  making a mockery of his fans. What he is needed to do at this hour is to accept those films only, which really answers the demands for more different narratives and story lines.

The movie has Vijayaraghavan as Josettan, a struggling producer with a lot of personal problems who always loved to create quality flicks. But unable to move with the trends of the times, Josettan finds his last chance of resurgence in the offer from the very popular heroine Haritha(krithika Kapoor), who was one introduced to the industry by Josettan. Haritha takes every step to support Josetaan by earmarking maximum dates to the film, evading her Tamil producers. Ravi Prakash(Ashokan)) the reigning superstar and another find of Josettan  initially agrees to the project with something else on mind, but later denies from participating even in the photo shoot of the film. Left in turmoil Josetten now decides to take it as a challenge and   agrees to Haritha's suggestion of casting the movies still photographer Saajan as the hero. The rest of the movie is pretty predictable as Ravi Prakash can't stay aloof watching a new star in the making and Sajan will not find it so easy to shift the profession on a single night. 

Seriously doubted as yet another case of creating a film just for that satellite rights,  Suraj and Sudheesh are introduced in shorter scenes for boosting that Satellight tag. The Story by Anzar Kalabhavan and  Sathyan Kolangad doesn't offer any freshness, as Anoop's last film `Mullassery madhavan Kutty `was also in similar lines except that Anoop's character in that film was  as an ordinary man suddenly forced to direct a movie .The dialogues are also pretty average, with the attempts on humour' falling flat. Director K K Haridas, who is currently in a stage similar to that of film's Josettan, sadly but desist any attempts to work in a more appreciable way. It's his shoddy direction that acts as a speed breaker of the entire film and the less said about the climax, the better. 

The performances by the cast are uniformly average, though Anoop's Thrisuur slang appeared good.  Kriti Kapoor, is seen lost in demanding role, while Vijayaragaavan, Zeenath and Ashokan played appreciably in their roles. The rest of the cast etches out below par performances.

In the end of it all, this `Josettante Hero` is not that engaging stuff  to qualify as an average cinema. It's better for the Anoop fans to wait at their homes for better offerings from the star, which we are sure to come up in a couple of months.

Rating -3.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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