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Kadhal Solla Aasai Music Review

Kadhal Solla Aasai Music Review
Ashok, Madhu Raghuram, Washna Ahamad
K S Tamil Seenu
S. Lekha
Music Review
Friday, November 8, 2013 • Tamil Comments

There is a lot of liveliness and bustle in Kollywood, but it is always the youngest of the lot that grabs everybody's attention. Now with Lekha making her first mark as a composer in Kollywood, let's find out how `Kadhal Solla Aasai' is a lovely album.

1. En Uyire Nee Voice: Yasin Listen here
Lyrics: KS Tamil Seenu

Opening with a quick ballad, the first track from this album of fresh minds is a new version of melancholy. The male solo is sung in a deep and newly found voice of Yasin's, which makes an out-of-the-world package. It is surprising how gloom can be made to sound so buoyant. Probably the only point where it gets very heavy is when the song trails off to an end. At four minutes, this song has been worded carefully to make it sound effortlessly light and quick.

2. Enna Mayam Voice: Chinmayee Listen here
Lyrics: KS Tamil Seenu

This one is a cheerful upbeat female solo narrating how a freshly love-struck young woman would feel. The right voice to deliver her best as been chosen to be Chinmayee, who supersedes expectations. Finer details of this lovely love song have been given proper care, to render it intricately beautiful. Choice of lyrics is cute and makes the song wholesome. Strings of different genres have been used generously all through the song. In all, 'Enna Mayam' is a quick cute song.

3. Madai Thiranthathu Voice: Suraj Listen here
Lyrics: Pa Vijay

After two melodies, comes a peppy number with generous western influence, with a little bit of classic music sprinkled here and there to add depth to a young man's cupid-struck feeling. Except for the first paragraph, this one is also a breezy melody in Suraj's soothing voice. Vijay has penned down the fitting best for this track, making the entire song a lighthearted experience.

4. Ramaiya Vastavaiya Voices: Velmurugan, Senthil Doss, MK Balaji Listen here
Lyrics: KS Tamil Seenu

It is not movie we are talking about, but this one is a quirky number. At the fourth track, this one is the only song in the entire album which is not a solo. The number opens with a couple of lines from the original rendition of yesteryear Telugu song, `Ramaiya Vastavaiya'. Coming across as a song in which a happy gang pulls the hero's leg. Smartly introducing contemporary styles into typically ethnic and old Indian cinema music, this one is a jovial song.

5. Thamizhachi Voice: Acchu Listen here
Lyrics: Pa Vijay

With rap rendition and systematic beats, the last song from this album is the desperate search of a single youth to find his dream girl. Narrating that she can be from any part of the Tamil Nadu state, the song speaks of the specialty that each ethnicity may carry, on a quirky air. When the number wraps to a close, the peculiar roll of drums strongly resembles north Indian influence, original nonetheless.

With a young bunch of talents, here comes a perky album from the genius in `Kadhal Sonna Aasai' team. The first peek into the film - the album containing five songs and an instrumental theme track - proved to be a happy and down-to-earth experience, which has substantially increased the expectations on the movie.

Rating: 2/5