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Kalyanism Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 9, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
Kalyanism Review
Ananya, Mukesh, Irshad, Kailash, Kochupreman, Sphadikam George
Anu Ram
Abhilash Mallya, Prajeesh Chandran
Rajesh Mohan

'Kalyanism' seems to be a movie made with noble intentions. With a  women led plot , it could have been made infinitely better. But as of now, this 'Kalyanism', like many other recent 'isms', just manage to become a mediocre film that can be a ordinary watch for families.

The movie has Ananya as Kalyani, living a regular life in the Middle East, with her husband Sanal (Kailash) who is running a business. They have a daughter and are like most other malayalee families in the gulf, until one day disaster strikes leaving Sanal's business in dire streets. Bounced cheques, and large debts to repay makes him almost mad and the family struggles even to pay their house rents and electricity. Crisis deepens as their four ex- employees are found wanting for proper papers for a stay back in the country. The quarrels between Kalyani and Sanal on these issues becomes regular and Sanal is finding alternate solutions to clear off the debts. But as suddenly Sanal is arrested by the police , Kalyani is left in an alien space to fend for herself .Here arrives  Kishore (Mukesh),Sanal's friend and a well wisher  who offers a timely helping hand, which is but going to complicate matters for her. 'Kalyanism' takes off from here as there starts a reason for misunderstanding for everyone.

'Kalyanism has a good thread that may have been  appreciated , had the makers treated it more maturely. The immature treatment feted out by the director and writer Anuram spoils parts of the show and the movie never reaches the pitch that it ought to be.A few statements are made through the regular predictable routes which leaves little  impact. The only USP of the movie seems to be that it is shot entirely at Dubai.The movie but doesn't resort for the usual travelogue mode of showing the splendour of the middle east, but strictly limit the exteriors to the needed level, which could be appreciated.

The debutante director but fails to make the best of the story and sequences and the promise of a movie which may discuss more issues central to women are seldom met.If he has paid more attention to the strength of the premise, the movie could have escaped the wasted chance.

The performances in the movie are ok with Ananya repeating her quality act in a role that doesn't appear too difficult to her. Kailash is fine in his role while Mukesh is again in her usual self. The cinematography by Binu Pallikal and music by Rajesh Mohan are average at best,

'If you look at the prospects that Kalyanism' had, it fails to live up to the chances. Or else it is an average watch.

Rating - 5.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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