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Kalyug Music Review

Kalyug Music Review
Kunal Khemu, Smily Suri, Deepal Shah, Emran Hashmi
Mohit Suri
Mukesh Bhatt
Anu Malik
Pakistani pop steals the show
Saturday, November 5, 2005 • Hindi Comments

Bhatts have a reputation of coming up with good music [OK, so we are ready to ignore 'Nazar']. Also they are know to be impressed and inspired by Pakistani pop. With 'Kalyug', they re-emphasize on this fact with music that prominently belongs to this genre. Starring Kunal Khemu, Deepal Shaw, Smiley Suri and Amrita Singh along with Emraan Hashmi in a special appearance, 'Kalyug' is directed by Mohit Suri who came up with 'Zeher' early this year.

1) Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaaye [Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, music: Faisal Rafi, Rohail Hyat, lyrics: Asim Raza]

Remember the songs from Pooja Bhatt's 'Paap'? You get the same subtle'n'romantic feeling of love once again with skillfully handled 'Jiya Dhadak Dhadak Jaaye' that vies for your attention from the very first note. The song reminds you instantaneously of the Paki-pop style and you just can't help but admire its melody. A smooth sailing number that also appears for the second time as 'Tujhe Dekh Dekh', it can be played a number of times in a repeat mode without once feeling stressed. That's the reason why it marks a quality beginning of the album.

2) Aadat [Singer: Atif, music: Goher Mumtaz [Jal The Band], lyrics: Goher Mumtaz]

Best track of the album that has ironically been heard before, once in an original Pakistani-pop version and the second time in an 'inspired' Pritam version 'Zehreeli Raatein' [Chocolate], 'Aadat' appears thrice. Undoubtedly, this is THE track that stays with you even when 'Kalyug' is over. A much slower version than 'Zehreeli Raatein', 'Aadat' has been licensed from its original source. Extremely well worded with a distinct style of music and rendition, it is an all-male show so far for 'Kalyug'.

Now one looks forward to at least one of the three versions to appear either in the movie or as a part of the movie's promotional campaign as it is too good a song to be left out on the editing table. While the first version is rearranged by Mithun Sharma, the remix version [which is obviously much faster] is done by DJ Suketu.

3) Dheere Dheere [Singer: Alisha Chinoy, music: Anu Malik, lyrics: Sayeed Quadri]

If the makers thought that they have yet another 'Dil Ko Hazaar Baar' [Murder] in hand, then that doesn't turn out to be the case with 'Dheere Dheere'. The song that appears to be the one that would be picturised on Deepal Shaw (due to the role of a porn star that she plays in the movie), it tries to be seductive with shade of intrigue but at maximum turns out to be plain average. This is not an 'item track' that Deepal could add to her successful list of music videos

4) Thi Meri Dastan [Singer: Anuradha Paudwal, Amit Sana, music: Anu Malik, lyrics: Sayeed Quadri]

This is a song that has a Bhatt-Anu Malik stamp on it from the very beginning. Rich in lyrics and superb in melody, 'Thi Meri Dastaan' may not be everyone's idea of a HIT popular number or something that you may want to hum along on you way, but its sheer melody makes it worth a hear again and again. Experienced singing of Anuradha Paudwal along with a fine debut of Amit Sana in the world of playback singing give Anu Malik something to cheer about in this album that primarily belongs to artistes from the neighboring country. A good song.

5) Ye Pal [Singer: Nazam Sheraz, music: Anu Malik, lyrics: Sayeed Quadri]

Nazam Sheraz sings a rather-run-of-the-mill rhythmic track 'Ye Pal' that doesn't work inspite of all its attempts at being cool and hep. The attitude seems to be forced while relevance of a 'single moment' in life is enforced in practically every line of the song. Still, it just doesn't work and would go down as one of the most hurried and forgettable piece of music by Anu Malik.

A passable album with a few good tun