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Kanichukulangarayil C B I Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, July 10, 2008 • മലയാളം ]
Kanichukulangarayil C B I Review
Himalaya Productions
Suresh Krissna, Manoj K Jayan
Suresh Vinu
Sreekumaran Thampi
S P Venkitesh

As a film critic, we often pass through despairing and regretful times, forced to watch some of the movies that itself cannot be called as feature films. And in Malayalam it is more than regular to see such films that are made just for the sake of being made, with lame to nil story lines and the worst, in the technical sides.

'Kanichukulangarayil C B I' is one such movie, that was made just to cash in the importance of its title and the popularity of the murder mystery. And as expected, apart from its intriguing title, there is nothing that you can relish in those 115 minutes of directions from Suresh-Vinu.

Many would have expected this to be an investigative thriller, but apart from boredom from a ludicrous plot, there is no investigation or thrill associated with this movie.

Ajith and Suresh (Saikumar and Meghanathan), the proprietors of  Aanamala Chit Funds, catapulted to greater heights of  goodwill and reputation mainly due to the sincerity and hard work of its  Managing Director, Ratheesh. But when he realises about the ugly deals of his bosses, Ratheesh resigns and set up another firm with the support of legal adviser, Advocate Rahim.

Ratheesh become a new success story in financial business within a nick of time, and then Ratheesh and his sister gets killed, hit by a truck, at Kanichukulangara.  Dy.S.P James George, begin investigations but is cornered by another police officer 'Krishnagopal' who teams up with the baddies. In this juncture Inspector Arjun from C B I make an entry to crack the case and nab the evading culprits.

The movie suffers, as usual, due to the nonexistence of a script. Harikumaran Thampi, credited for the scripts seems to have more interests in bizarre thinking like the maltreatment of convicts unleashing scorpions and iron rods by the police officers and in organizing abounding running races, in the name of chases. Nothing is exceptional from any of the departments of the movie or from actors like Manoj K. Jayan as Arjun, Saikumar, Meghanathan, Saadique, Rajan P Dev or Kollam Thulasi. Suresh Krishna as James George tries to hold the movie at times, but in vain.

The technical aspects are extremely worse than amateurish theaters. M D Sukumaran's camera work doesn't suit the pace of an action flick. And the art director needs to be given an entry in the list of the worst that we have ever witnessed in Mollywood movies. The makes didn't even refrain from using the musical theme from the original C B I series for this movie, which could be the most regretful kudos that could be given to a music director of the original, Shyam. And the only song in the movie, not to say about the artists on which its is picturised, are too unimpressive that it could have well been avoided. And why should we mention the extensive list of each of the avoidable parts, when such a movie itself could have been averted?

If you still have appetite for thrillers, just rent a DVD of C B I series and watch it at home, than to get in for this poor excuse for an investigative C B I thriller.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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