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Keerthi Chakra Preview

Keerthi Chakra Peview
Mohanlal, Jeeva, Biju Menon, Shammi Thilakan, Kochin Haneefa, Spadikam George, Reema Sen, Baby Sanusha
Major Ravi
Super Good Films
Joshwa Sreedar

Keerthi Chakra

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • മലയാളം Comments

He was a man with a lot of dreams and hopes. But his heart was filled with agony, the torture  of living away from his family and relatives. He had seen them many years back. But when the enemy is attempting to terrorise in his country he can't give more importance to has family than his motherland. Yes, he is a commando destined to save his country.He is Major Mahadevan, the leader of a squad ready to risk their life to  protect the borders of the nation. Mohanlal is playing the character of  this Major Mahadevan  in the film 'Keerthichakra' directed by Major Ravi  for R B Chowdhary of SuperGood Films. Mohanlal is playing a commando after a gap of 16 years, the earlier being 'Dauthyam' and 'Moonam Mura'. 'Keerthichakra' tells a story of the emotional relationship between major Mahadevan and Havildaar Jaykumar, played by Tamil actor Jeeva. The film which portrays the real life blood and soul  experiences of  an army soldier is more personified story than normal commando stories  told with boosted patriotism.The film also brings to light another not so revealed face of terrorism in the country.

The film is told in snippets of Flash backs, as a remembrance of a character about his army days.The director of the film , Major Ravi, who served in the Kashmir regions during Kargil war says "Keerthichakra will be a very different attempt to  visualise the life of people in barracks , fighting for their mother land". Major also find it easy to acquire the services of the army and B.S.F. personals due to his knowledge of all the ins and outs of the forces.

The major portions of  the film is shot in C.R.P.F camp in Sreenagar, Pichilora  and in parts of Kargil  amidst  heavy security. This is the prime effort of a film crew to shoot in these places. The film also capture images of  thousands of B.S.F., C.R.P. and Kashmir Police persons in celluloid. Mohanlal is said to have lost much weight to suit himself  the role of a commando. For the last few months he was under stringent training   under a specialised trainer to perform commando tactics.  The film presents a big casts including BijuMenon, Cochin Haneeef, Shammy Thilakan, Sanusha and Payal. The film has three  heroines- Gopika, Reema Sen and Lekshmi Gopalaswamy..

The film follows a story line of the director, composed of real life occurances that he happened to witness in Kashmir. The cinematography of the film is by Thiru while the music is scored by Gireesh Puthencheruy and Joshua Sreedhar(Kathal fame).The other credits of the film include art by Gokuldaas, associate director-Senan Pallassery, production executive-Roshan Chittoor,and stills by Shajil Obscura. The film  also announces the  comeback of the  prestigious banner  SuperGood Films after a long gap into Malayalam cinema.  The film which will also be dubbed in Tamil is all set to be in theatres by July 4.