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Keerthi Chakra Music Review

Keerthi Chakra Music Review
Mohanlal, Jeeva, Biju Menon, Shammi Thilakan, Kochin Haneefa, Spadikam George, Reema Sen, Baby Sanusha
Major Ravi
Super Good Films
Joshwa Sreedar
Good feel
IndiaGlitz [Monday, July 31, 2006 • മലയാളം] Comments

Action movies generally have bad music. Loud and heavy, the songs don't generally carry that lilt and rhythms which make for good cinema. So how has Joshua Sridhar fared in this action flick? The young music director, who is a hot property in Tamil, has a feel for melody. And it shows even in this one.

1) Ghanashyama

There is a Lagaan kind of feel to the number as the heavy beats roll inspiringly. Then it is all M G Sreekumar. He gives the small beat all the right energy. Inspirational!

2) Gudase Mannathu

Try feeling floating on the Jhelum on a wintry night. This Sufi-styled song carries the underlying pangs of those who have been thrown out of Kashmir. Kailash Kher rings in the emotions of those who have to face the mindless and heartless terrorists. Soothing, and disturbing.

3) Kaverinadiye

The feel is light. The fervor is right. Asha Menon and Karthik combine to give a good duet. The music is understated and lovely. But does the oft-repeated Reethigowlai raaga be chosen again? Karthik and Asha's melody however are good compensation.

4) Mukile Mukile

M G Sreekumar is on a firm footing here. The tune is simple with the right harmonies. The tempo is not slow but just right. The orchestration is interesting (and has a feel of Sankarabaranam). Good one, actually.

5) Poonchleekiliye

Asha Menon and Karthik combination again. And the same song with a different lyric in Tamil.

6) Thottal Poo

An action-packed typical mass song with typical instrumentation. Anushka and chorus have fun crooning this one. Anushka shows promise for such numbers.

Keerthi Chakra may not get a medal. But it is not a bad effort.