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Koodal Nagar Preview

Koodal Nagar Peview
Bharath, Sandhya, Bhavana, Mahadevan, Ilavarasu, Meera Krishnan, Lakshmanan
Seenu Ramasamy
Senthil Kumar, P S Ganesh
Sabesh - Murali
Koodal Nagar

Koodal Nagar

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Tamil Comments

Koodal Nagar, directed by Seenu Ramasamy, stars Bharath, Bhavana and Sandhya in the lead roles.

Time and society are two important factors or aspects that influence an individual's life so much so that he is not able to live life the way he wants to. These, the director opines, are the very same factors that led him to come across two significant women. Koodal Nagar is a saga of emotions interspersed in the lives of these two women that he had an opportunity to meet in life.

Bharath's is a close-knit family. Bhavana as Manimekalai and Sandhya as Tamizhselvi deliver extraordinary performances with an added exuberance as they reflect the real life characters that the director has come across. Bharath's character is a kaleidoscope of different emotions that oscillate between sensitivity, valour, warmth, sorrow, perfection, dedication, expectation and action.

Ilavarasu plays a prominent role in the film and his wise cracks and witty remarks on topics like the economy of a far-off land, are sure to hit hard at the audience's thought process.

Koodal Nagar is a chaste Tamil title. The name immediately brings to mind the picturesque locations and tradition-soaked land of Madurai. Various places that depict the flavour of the city are transformed to scenic locations by the lens and this includes petty shops, lanes, the rustic roads, tea shops and the like.

Indhu, Thennavan and Pithamagan Mahadevan are also part of the cast.

Koodal Nagar has music by Sabesh-Murali, cinematography by MS Prabhu, editing by VT Vijayan and art by Vijay Murugan.

Senthil and Ganesh produce this film on behalf of Annamalai Films. Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction are by Seenu Ramasamy.