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Koodal Nagar Music Review

Koodal Nagar Music Review
Bharath, Sandhya, Bhavana, Mahadevan, Ilavarasu, Meera Krishnan, Lakshmanan
Seenu Ramasamy
Senthil Kumar, P S Ganesh
Sabesh - Murali
Koodal Nagar
Satisfyingly simple
Tuesday, February 13, 2007 • Tamil Comments

Bharath is among the lucky heroes, who gets good songs for his movies. It started with Kadhal and has continued till Veyyil. Incidentally, the two heroines of the two respective films ---- Sandhya and Bhavana - have come to share frames again with him for Koodal Nagar. It is a movie that features him in a double role for the first time.

Sabesh-Murali know a thing or two about scoring tunes for commercial masala movies, as they had worked with their brother who was a master in such situations. The duo musicians' strength is that they deliver what the director wants. It is all a question of demand and supply.

Here, they have spread out their fare and the resultant music carries an appeal to every segment of the vast cinema-going audience.

Koodal Nagar's music is based on the premise that an average Tamil filmgoer has a ear for variety. Sabesh-Murali have provided that.

Tamil Selvi Tamil Selvi (Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam)

This is a promising start. The strains are soft and sweet as Hariharan, as inimitably as he can, and Sadhana Sargam, with only sugar sweeter than her voice, warble with purpose and poise. The easy flow of the tune and the unobtrusive instrumentation make it all pleasanter. Thenmozhi Das' words on love and loyalty, bring with them their own force and fidelity. Hariharan's voice threshes out new meanings beyond what lyrics could convey. What stays with you long after the song is heard is the unalloyed joy in the number.

Yaarathu Yaarathu (Haricharan, Swetha)

Haricharan is bound to be compared with the illustrious Hariharan. Fortunately, young Haricharan seems to have a good grasp of the basics. His promise is well reflected beautifully in this sharp and stylized number. There is pace as well as poise as the music directors have given full play to their orchestration abilities. The mix and weave of the instruments are melodious and very innovative. Swetha and Haricharan's vocal match the rigours while Muthukumar squeezes out an interesting love feel. The rhythms perk you with their energy.

Aayiram Thalaiyaparthu (Tippu)

This is Tippu territory. He is proving to be a strong bet for such numbers where insouciance and a practiced ease is needed. Here, he gets to the bottom of this rustic number and comes out on top. The sax, guitar interludes is the veritable cherry on the easy vanilla.

Varrarayya Varraru (Thulasidas)

The pastoral feel is unmistakable like the high sun on a summer morning. Like that, the feel here is blazing. Thulasidas lets it rip and gets to nub pretty fast. On the whole, a good and easy number.

Kaalgal Munnalae (Chandre)

Palani Bharathi's words are at once simple and arresting. It needed a voice that is at once sweet and simple. Chandre's is. So the song is in safe hands, or rather safe throat. The melody and the mood of the lyrics get a strong and stark underlining from the singer. The music director adds his bit with a lovely flute and soft guitar interlude. In all, satisfying.

Yakka Nillukka (Karthik)

Karthik's zany energy never lets anyone down. His infectious energy and verve carry the song forward with all the force. The rap bit also provides further momentum. The hip-hop number is just the right forceful finale to a fulfilling album.

Koodal Nagar, as we said, gives good satisfaction.

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