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Law Point Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 2, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Law Point Review
David Kachappilly Productions
Kunchacko Boban, Prathap Pothen, Nedumudi Venu, Balachandra Menon
Lijin Jose
David Kachappilly
Mejo Joseph


After the much applauded debut in 'Friday' comes in Lijin Jose with his latest `lawpoint'. A mind game that but becomes fruitful only in the final reels, the movie is an one time watch, if you can sit through the not much happening early hours.

Kunchakko Boban is clad as Adv.Sathya, a high profile advocate who goes to any length to save his clients who are always law breakers of the gravest kind. He charges for his services in lakhs and crores and moves around in his costly Volvo. The movie opens with him meticulously dealing with a rape case helping a rich man to escape scathe free, though he was sure to be put behind bars for the crime. Accidentally while in a pub, he meets Ramakrishnan(Nedumudi Venu) another rich man whose son Abhay is currently being accused for the suicide attempt of his lover Maya(Namitha Pramod). Since the appeal for a charge came before a close police officer of Ramakrishnan, it was put on hold from any further action. As Sathya agrees on a 20 lakh remuneration and an one crore compensation for the girl , he now visits Maya and her father who are adamant on getting the boy grilled behind bars.

Sathya now tries to convince the father of the girl about the possible threats on the girl's good name and asks her to have a day out with him , so that she can forget this ambiance of pain and regret. Maya and Sathya sets off on a journey to Wagamon, where her chat forces him to spill out his dreaded past, about his divorced parents and more. Whether Sathya is able to convince Maya to agree upon a compensation and to help his client free and what happens aftermath forms the rest of the story.

There is a sort of unreliability that looms over the movie all through; be it in the magnitude of the amount offered in compensation or in the twists that happens in the journey. Some of which are finely explained in the final reels, but some scenes appear plastic as they unleash and remains so without much explanations.  The scripts by Devadas is commendable for not working for any parallel tracks and baffling the viewers with brainy turnarounds, much of which are not that predictable. But the dialogues are pretty ordinary and even the only court scene and the logic presented there are regular. The flashbacks appear stretched, though it has a reason. Overall, the direction by Lijin Jose is pretty average here, with the director trying to emphasise each of the plot points pretty hard by repeated flashbacks.

But the technical sides and performances from the lead are fine. Kunchakko Boban has a definite charm in his first role as an advocate, though much of the proceedings happen outside the court. Namitha Pramod was exceptional with really something to do and the couple makes a good pair on screen. The other artists in the frame play to their roles. Niel D' Kunha's camera is good, but editor Manoj could have applied his scissors more judiciously to pace up the proceedings . The only song by Mejjo Joseph is a fine hear while Bijibal's BG scores are average.

Anyhow, `Lawpoint' which gets completed in 108 minutes could be an appreciable watch for lovers of fine dramas and mind games. Don't go with many expectations and take pain to sit through that no so happening first half, as you have got something in store in the later.

Rating -6.25/10 



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