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Little Superman 3D Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, November 11, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Little Superman 3D Review
Little Superman

Little Superman

Director Vinayan who seems to be always thirsty for bold experiments  seems to have lost his touch in all his recent films, though some managed to make their producers happy mainly due to their aggressive marketing. But no such luck here in ‘Little Superman ‘presented in 3D which is made in a  cliched storyline and predictable sequences. With an eleven year old kid at the centre, the movie has very few highlights, much of which are its  special effects.

Master Deny comes up as Willie Wilson  who is an adventurous school kid and a comic book addict. Willie is in love with his classmate. Willie’s father Wilson (Ranjith) is an honest engineer, all set to expose a powerful state minister. As usual with every similar attempt, the politician presented in all patches of rough tries to pacify Wilson with offers. But as Wilson refuses to compel, his goons ruthlessly murders him and his wife Jennie(Praveena). Willie who watches his parents getting killed by the goons also is left in a coma stage. Later,he gets some magic powers and how he uses it take revenge forms the rest of the film.

The movie has a silly theme done to death and deplete of its three-dimensional experience which is pretty good considering the Kerala standards, ‘Little  Superman’ flies on a slippery ground and fails to ignite any sort of interest in viewers. The small idea of the kid using his dreams to find out answers to his mysteries is the only fresh piece of thinking in this movie which has an overdose of 3D effects in the former half. The direction is pathetically poor considering it coming from a hit maker like Vinayan.The sequences where U P School students are shown romancing like grown ups will irritate even the family audience. Also there are more amount of violence than needed in a film aimed at children. The unwanted attempts on comedy falls flat and the social preaching is heavy. The performances are also poor that hardly need comments , except that Master Deny is ok in his lead role which is but poorly written . The songs in the movie are not that bad while editing, BG scores ad cinematography are strictly average at best.

In the final analysis, there is nothing much in ‘Little Superman 3D’ that demands your watch. With  hopeless scripts, this 3D may not even satisfy your little ones who will be left yawning amidst heavy visual effects.

Rating: -4.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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