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M L A Mani, Patham Classum Gusthiyum Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, April 23, 2012 • മലയാളം ]
M L A Mani, Patham Classum Gusthiyum Review
Kalabhavan Mani, Nikhitha, Siddique, Nedumudi Venu, Salim Kumar
Sreejith Palery

It is after quite some time that Kalabhavan Mani is coming up with a movie, with himself as the hero. For those who had been with the innumerable films from the star, this ' M L A Mani: Patthham Classum Gusthiyum' will not offer much changes in the styling and presentation from that regular Mani movies. Strictly advised for the fans of the star, the movie also seems to offer some hidden agenda- a suggestion of a possible entry of the star into mainstream politics in the near future. The narratives are set in such a way that if such a thing happens, the visuals of this movie can be wisely used to support a thirty minute docu fiction or a wise promotional video for the star plunging into politics.
The movie with that very direct title is all about a political goon with the name Mani, who later mend ways and becomes a popular M L A. Mani is a trusted thug who dares to do anything for the political party he belongs to, in the belief that he is doing all to bring in the better rule for the people. It was his teacher at school who started calling him a M LA, due to his childhood ambition of becoming one. Mani, with his friends( Harishree Ashokan, Anand and Kiran raj ) ready for everything finally finds himself enmeshed in a dirty plan by their mentors  and is sent to jail for eight years for killing a journalist named Nandakishore. After long suffering, he is now back with a vengeance, taking on the state ministers for Home (Vijayaragahavan) and industries (Shammi Thailakan). In the meantime, Mani also finds suitable allies in a I P S officer (Siddhique) and a lady M L A(Lena) who also have got things to settle with the political superpowers of the state.

The movie directed by Sreejith palery has a storyline that could have been made into a better film, but as of now, there are too much of illogic sequences built in to boost the heroism of the central star. Here you will find the protagonist leaping into the home of the home minister and threatening him unscathed, and often you may find him engaging into physical fights on public roads with state ministers- all under the nose of police men of high ranks, hardly taking any action. Though very few sequences are convincing enough for a well made action thriller,  hardly a single frame goes with out Mani, and the actor has immense possibilities to show off his abilities in emoting and action. The dialogues by T A Shahid are good at times, but the execution is not that good with the director needing to built on his abilities to create a whole some entertainer. The climax and its leads are pretty predictable and contrived and with a half dozen of killings and heavy doses of violence, the movie many not be a right offer for families either. Moreover, the movie about youths sacrificing themselves for political agendas, also fails to get its good message across and end up just as yet another action flick.
The only highlight of the movie is the songs and music of the movie. Almost all of them are immensely likeable, sung and set to tunes by Kalabhavan Mani himself. Of the four in the movie, we would like to pick 'Ambalakadavil' as the best, though there is nothing remarkable in their visuals. The technical sides led by Sudhi and Mendos Antony are strictly average.
All in all, this ' M L A Mani: Patthham Classum Gusthiyum' may cater to the die hard fans of the star. In the Box Office, the movie may not survive over a couple of weeks.


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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