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Maanja Velu Music Review

Maanja Velu Music Review
Feather Touch Entertainment
Arun Vijay, Dhanshika, Prabhu, Karthik, Suresh Gopi
A Venkatesh
Mani Sharma
Peppy Fest
Saturday, March 13, 2010 • Tamil Comments

Mani Sharma, the busiest music director in both Tamil and Telugu, has scored the music for Arun Vijay's action flick `Maanja Velu'. Veteran lyricist Vaali has written the lyrics for all songs except `Yepadithaan' written by Vivega.

The album is a combination of Mass and Class, New and Old, making it lively to listen.

1.Munneru Munneru - Listen here

Singers: Ranjith and Naveen

An introduction song of Maanja Velu, the hero, with the folk beats and Mani Sharma's signature mass elements. Ranjith and Naveen's energy in their voices is heard. A fast tempo song that could be a big hit with the masses.

2. Yepadithaan - Listen here

Lyricist: Vivega

Singer: Rahul Nambiar

A remixed version of an old Telugu film song. Mani Sharma has remixed the tune in Tamil for this movie with the voice of Rahul Nambiar and lyrics of Vivega which signify that the hero is flirting with his heroine. This is a dance number and will definitely entertain the youth.

3. Maanja Velu - Listen here

Singers: Tippu and Sujatha

The peppy voices of Tippu and Sujatha have been used effectively in Maanja Velu, which appears to be the title song. It is a catchy number that might resonate in your minds even after you finish listening to it. Lyricist Vaali has penned a youthful number showing that he is still young at heart. 

4. Oh My Dear - Listen here

Singers: Ranjith and Saindhavi

Oh My Dear is a fast duet. The tempo in this song is pacy and the music is youthful and lively. Ranjith and Saindhavi sing the song with aplomb, given the fact that they are one among the happening singers in the music circuit.

5. Ooril Ulla Uyire - Listen here

Singers: Karthik

Karthik sings this slow yet catchy song. Mani Sharma's music is classy, and Karthik's charismatic voice really syncs with the music, giving it a meaningful feel. Vaali has penned it superbly. The song is about relationships and their importance in today's world.

6. Maanja Velu (Remix) - Listen here

Singer: Mukesh and Priya Subramanian

This is the biggest surprise in the album. Just listen to the third song in the album (the original version of 'Maanja Velu') and then listen to this. A remix in today's music world is the racy, techno beats and amplified sound.  Well, there is no one single element like those, it is not the remix what one can think of but a remix with traditional beats and Mani Sharma has given that old Tamil black-and-white movie feel especially with Priya Subramanian's voice. Mukesh gives her company with an equally good performance in this fun number. Absolutely, the pick of the album.

Over all, the music of Maanja Velu will definitely be chart busters and the music will have a wide reach. Mani Sharma, has used the tunes of his hit songs in Telugu in this album, which would surely appeal even to the Tamil audience.