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Madrasapattinam Music Review

Madrasapattinam Music Review
Arya, Amy Jackson, Nasser, VMC.Haneefa, Bala Singh, M. S. Bhaskar, Omar, Periya Karuppu Devar, Balaji
A L Vijay
Kalapathi S. Aghoram
G V Prakash Kumar
Symphonic Excellence
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 • Tamil Comments

`Madhrasipattinam' a period film set during the colonial rule of British in India. Director Vijay showed the entire film fraternity that he means business with his masterpiece, at the launch of the audio of the movie. Living up to the expectations is young genius G V Prakash.

Being set in the pre-independence era, G V's music intelligence would have come for scrutiny. He fares well in most compositions in this album. Na. Muthukumar's lyrics add the soul to the album that would have required an extra bit of research.

1. Pookal Pookum - Listen here

Singers: Roop Kumar Rathod, Harini, Andrea Jeremiah, GV. Prakash

The song starts of with a Hindustani feel, and the vocals of Roop Kumar Rathod starts of gently with the lyrics of Muthukumar describing attraction for the man and woman involved. The chorus is put to good effort and Roop Kumar stretches his vocals to high pitch in between. Harini's voice is zealous. Instruments have been used skillfully, with a tempo that is anywhere between moderate and fast. Slowly, a western rhythm is brought in, with Andrea crooning English lyrics penned by her. She sings with finesse. Must listen, if your mood for romance!

2. Vaama Duriyamma - Listen here

Singers ; Udit Narayan, VMC. Haneefa, Amy Jackson

Sounds like a folk song but nothing close to it. A song that supposedly talks about Indian culture and through the song the director has made lyricist Muthukumar introduce the culture to the heroine. Voice of Amy Jackson with Late. Haneefa translating a few lines from Tamil to English is heard. Udit Narayan has sung it well but there is no dearth of Tamil singers here. A Tamil singer would have brought out that perfect essence of the song. Full marks to lyricist Na. Muthukumar.

3. Feel of Love - Listen here

Singers: Seenu, Naveen Iyer

Slow instrumentation that has been written here as `feel of love'. Perhaps used as a background score in the movie. A western feel throughout with chorus humming in the later part of the track.

4. Meghame O Meghame - Listen here

Singers: MS. Viswanathan, Vikram, Nasser

A song that talks about the washer folk. Listen to the vocals of music legend M S Viswanathan, Chiyaan Vikram and versatile actor Nasser. MSV needs no introduction while Vikram has pulled off a great job along with Nasser. The music at the back is fast and the effects attributing thunder are worth mentioning. GV has done a good job.

5. Aaruyire - Listen here

Singers: Sonu Nigam, Saindhavi

A slow sad song in the not-so-comfortable voice of Sonu Nigam, who has to get his Tamil nuances right. Saindhavi has sung her part well, and G V's pathos music will you make indulge for more. Not many instruments have been used to bring out the importance of the lyrics. The end product- lyrics that will make you think. Both the vocalists have done a decent job.

6. Kaatrile - Listen here

Singer: Hariharan, Zia, Augustin Choir

`Kaatrile' starts off with a fast singing, of lyrics that talk about love's victory over war and hatred. The evergreen voice of Hariharan comes in stirring your music senses. Music composition is filled with patriotic tunes and the vocals are really expressive. Repetitive hearing will attract you towards this song.

7. The Dance Theme - Listen here

This track seems to be the theme music of the movie. Instruments are galore in this song. Good for your hears if they are on the hunt for something fresh. Classy orchestration, and G V deserves a pat!

The album as a package, is a nice variety. With an interesting duet, a song with folk tune, a sad song and then a patriotic song to end. G V has done a credible job, given his age and he is surely learning fast. A quality product for director Vijay to flaunt on the big screen. Look out for the art and visuals, he showed everyone a glimpse of it, at the audio launch.