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Market Mahalakshmi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 19, 2024 • മലയാളം ]
Market Mahalakshmi Review
Parvatheesam,Praneeka Anvika, Harsha Vardhan, Mukku Avinash, Mahboob Basha, Kedar Shankar, Hara Srinivas, Rashmitha Panthagani
Akhilesh Kalaru
Joe Enmav

Market Mahalakshmi Movie Review

Market Mahalakshmi tells the heartfelt story of an IT employee who falls in love with a charming vegetable vendor at a bustling market yard. The film explores the beautiful journey of their relationship and the unexpected twists and turns it takes, promising a blend of romance, drama, and perhaps even a touch of comedy.


In Market Mahalakshmi, the protagonist, an IT employee(Parvatheesam), is raised by his parents,(Kedar Shankar and Jaya Naidu), who dream of securing a hefty dowry through his engineering career. However, he surprises them by rejecting potential matches brought by them. His life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Mahalakshmi (Praneeka Anvika), a beautiful and independent vegetable vendor at a market yard. The story unfolds as Parvatheesam falls deeply in love with Mahalakshmi, and the film explores whether she reciprocates his feelings and how their parents react to this unconventional romance.


Parvatheesam effortlessly embodies his character, delivering the right blend of expressions and emotions throughout "Market Mahalakshmi." His portrayal is not only marked by impeccable manners and body language but also by a dynamic range, skillfully conveying frustration, anger, love, and romance. Opposite him, Praneeka Anvika shines as a bold and independent woman, adeptly navigating various situations with conviction. Their on-screen chemistry breathes life into the film, making their scenes truly captivating.

Market Mahalakshmi Movie Review

Harshavardhan commands attention with his impactful dialogues and intense performance, while Mukku Avinash leaves a lasting impression with his expressive acting, eliciting genuine laughter from the audience. Supporting actors like Mahboob Basha, Kedar Shankar, Hara Srinivas, and Rashmitha Panthagani fulfill their roles with authenticity and contribute to the overall narrative.

Director Mukkesh, who crafted the storyline for "Market Mahalakshmi," endeavors to explore the complexities of romance between an IT professional and a girl from the market yard, delving into their struggles with societal expectations and parental reactions. While the premise holds promise, the predictable nature of the story and the first half's reliance on character introduction and light comedy may deter some viewers. However, an intriguing twist at the first half's end sets the stage for a more emotionally charged second half.

As the narrative progresses, Mukkesh deftly shifts focus to the intricacies of relationships, particularly between the lead pair and their respective families. Thought-provoking dialogues challenge traditional gender roles and societal norms, adding depth to the storyline and leaving a powerful impact on the audience.

The music by Joe Enmav is characterized by its energetic beats, with two standout songs featuring a distinct mass appeal and impressive choreography. The background score complements the narrative effectively, enhancing the viewing experience. Surendra Chilumula's cinematography skillfully captures the essence of the market yard and the IT world, lending authenticity to the film's setting. While the editing by Vishwanadh could have been tighter to eliminate pacing issues, the overall production values remain commendable.


Market Mahalakshmi, despite the sincere efforts of Parvatheesam, Praneeka Anvika, and Harshavardhan, as well as the inclusion of impactful scenes and dialogues by director Mukkesh, is not without its shortcomings.

Rating: 1.5 / 5.0

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