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Mathadu Mathadu Mallige Music Review

Mathadu Mathadu Mallige Music Review
Dr.Vishnuvardhana, Suhasini
Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar
Gandugali K.Manju
Mano Murthy is glorious again
Wednesday, August 8, 2007 • Kannada Comments

The delectable music director of Kannada cinema Mano Murthy has given yet another glorious music for 'Mathad Mathadu Mallige'. The apt director Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar added lyrical strength to it. Two revolutionary songs written by Gollahalli Shivaprasad add extra boon to this film audio. For a film starring Dr.Vishnuvardhana, Suhasini and Sudeep director Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar has made brilliant selection of costumes, locations to further heighten the songs quality on screen. Five songs of the film 'MMM' were screened recently for the media in Bangalore. Speak..Speak O songs are as good as the fragrance of jasmine flower.

Baare Namma Therige Hogana...

This is a festival song in appreciation of the goddess. 10 villages join together here for this chariot festival. All the artistes have taken part in this group song. The goddess flow in water too says the lyrics. She solves all the problem of the people is the belief. Wonderful decoration and usage of flowers heightens the devotion for god fearing people. Rajesh, Nanditha and B.Jayashri have sung this song.

Baro Nanna Sharukh Khan...

This song set in the disco club with Russian dancers seducing the natives focus on the ulterior motive to grab the signature of villagers to sell their land. Prominent villagers decked in Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Amjad Khan provide funny atmosphere. In the tuning of this song there is resemblance to 'Nanna Preethiya Hudugi' film song Car Car Car Elnodi Car... Sunidhi Chauhan lent her voice for this song.

Jhana Jhana Jhana Kanchanadalli Americada Lanchanadalli..

This is a revolutionary song featuring Sudeep and villagers. Everything we will lose with the invasion of foreign culture cautions this song written by Gollahalli Shivaprasad. East India Company ruled India for 200 years. Now the MNC's have come to bother us. They have come here to take our land and forest. They have replaced Pepsi and coke to farmer's tender coconut says the lyrics. C.Ashwath has sung this song very effectively. It makes the people to think what is right and what is wrong.

Namma Mane Aramane Naane Maharaja Nannake Maharani...

This is a family group song with Dr.Vishnu, Suhasini and three daughters Tejaswini, Rashmi and Smitha in different costumes. There is no dearth for love in our family says one of the lines in this song. The contentment and happiness is the major say of this song. SPB, Nanditha, Vidya, Shanthala Vattam and Amrutha are the singers of this group song.

Mathad Mathadu Mallige Sampige Sevanthige Banna Banna..

This is the most beautiful duet song that takes us back to the days of 'Bandhana, Suprabhata and Muttina Haara' of Dr.Vishnu and Suhasini combination in Kannada cinema. The scoring is quick and catchy. S.P.Balasubramanyam and Shreya Goshal have sung it very well.

Elli Hodhave Kannige Kanadhavo.. Ooru Theru Thavaru

This is a pathetic song that touches your heart. We have lost something very precious in this globalization and computerization of the world. Even the birds in Ranganathittu sanctuary have taken leave. That is the amount of stress applied by mankind says the lyrics. State award winning singer Pichchalli Srinivas has sung this song.

There are two bit songs in this film. Elli hodhavo.., and Ella maaya naale navvu neevu Maaya., that suits the circumstances in the film 'MMM'. These two are rendered by Pravin Dat, Stephen, Pichchalli Srinivas, Shivaprasad Jenni and Shanthala Vattam.

Jhankar Music has brought out this album to market. K.Manju is the producer of this Lakshmisri Combines