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Mathiyosi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, March 12, 2010 • Tamil ]
Mathiyosi Review
PSSR Films
Harish, Alex, Gopal, Visak, Shammu
Nandha Periyasamy
P S Sekar Reddy
Guru Kalyan

What is it like thinking beyond the conventional story telling? Look at an individual's life and when there's a regular scenario that needs a simple solution, you would probably hear some one telling 'Mathi Yosi' or in plain English - `Think Differently'. And this is exactly the essence that is prevalent through out Nandhaa Periyasaamy's 'Mathi Yosi'.

Nandhaa has tried the 'trade trick' which is, being 'different'. Unconventional story telling is what the director has tried. With new comers in front of the megaphone, it might hide inhibitions of quality cinema but the director's efforts are evident in the movie.

The gist:

Director Nandha Periyasamy has used the voice of director Sasikumar to introduce the four mischevious guys Mangaa, Kona, Pandi, Maari, in his typical Madurai lingo who think they rule the 'Kadavur' village.

These four friends are united, very close and live for each other. They always think out-of-the box. They turn out to be vagabonds and go to the extent of even killing the village President's son. After few similar delinquent experiences they are forced to leave the village and end up coming to Chennai.

Here's where the main plot begins- how they meet the heroine, and what happens in Chennai with the four friends and the girl forms the story. The director has tried to convey a message, but its reception with the audience will have to be watched patiently.

The director has applied the recent success formula of Tamil cinema- using rural subjects, a la - Renigunta, Subramaniapuram, Naadodigal, etc. He tried to use this with the village as backdrop in the 1st half and Chennai city in the next.  But sorry this time it seems like it won't work.

The making:

His story itself is completely different from his first movie-'Oru Kallooriyin Kadhai', looks like, this time, he has 'mathi yoschirkaaru'. The screen play of `Mathi Yosi' is slow and good only in bits and pieces. The director starts the movie with the introduction of the heroes and a song to show what kind of guys they are. He has also used a few poems of Mahakavi Bharathiar in the backdrop signifying the scene's importance.

Making the screenplay interesting to some extent is the background music by new comer Guru Kalyan, who has also done a pretty decent job in composing the songs especially the title song 'Mathi Yosi' and `Methuvai Methuvai' after the interval.

Editor Kola Bhaskar has done a commendable job given the fact the story narration in the movie is slow to shape the plot up and then continue in the same sluggish pace. As the rule in the text book of film making would be, the interval bloc forms the crux of the story.

In the 2nd half he has tried to give the songs a new look with attractive and interesting transitions especially `Methuvai Methuvai', though the songs appeared to be unnecessary and in no way give strength to the movie.

Dealing with the screenplay, how ever kind one can be in analysing the screenplay, it will only prove to be dragging, and makes one feel `will the movie ever end'!

The actors:

All the new comers have acted competently and the heroine Shammu has done a good job. The boys seemed to have a good understanding and chemistry among them, and the scenes that show their bonding has been handled well by the director. Ravi Maria as the villain who is a pimp in the movie has done his role justice. Ponvannan as a police officer has acted decently, given his experience compared to others.


The list of positives in the movie besides the editing by Kola Bhaskar, include camera man Vijay Armstrong, who has shown the stunt scenes and a few clamor scenes well and the stunts by Speed Syed are remarkable. Towards the climax is a fight sequence that is sensible and nothing really cinematic.

Well, to be honest, minuses exist in this movie, apart from the dragging screenplay; you can spot lapses in dubbing in a few scenes. And moving to the dialogues, there is no consistency in dialogues. Sometimes they are funny and at most times very unpleasant.

`Mathi Yosi' is a thoroughly professionally taken movie no doubt. The hard work of the director, the technicians and the actors are quite evident but unfortunately they might just be unnoticed.

`Maathi Yosi' - a tale of friendship 

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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