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Megha Music Review

Megha Music Review
Ashwin Kakumanu, Shrushti, Angana Roy, Jayaprakash, Ravi Prakash, Naren, Meera, Nithy
Karthik Rishi
Albert James, S.Selvakumar
A whirlwind to the 80's with a puff of freshness!
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 • Tamil Comments

Ever since IsaignaniIlayaraja was signed up, the movie was speculated to be a musical parody and the album is a wondrous revelation. To be directed byKarthik, the movie has Ashwin and Shrusthi in the lead. The album appears to be shot from the 80's to now, without losing any magic in it. Ilayaraja comes back with a string of sweetness, get ready to be hooked.

Jeevane :

Vintage classic maestro in the making, it will be pretty hard not to compare his 80's, some of the interludes reflect Azhagi, Anjali and so on. The mesmerizing vocals of Ilayaraja echoes through the bass trebles unanimously. The long and lasting love of the life, that has been missing for some time and the aches it causes to unite love back has been wonderfully penned and composed with some effective chorus as well.

PuthamPudhu :

Age old classic revisited with neatness and crystal clear music makes up this song. The yester year song from AlaigalOyvathilai sung by Janaki stood still in time, and now the timeless classic has been reused with Anita of super singer fame. Swell and dwell in this musical imitation, sure to hook you up for that is the magic the tune has over the years.

Kalvane :

The enticing vocals of Ramya shoot off to a lusty song that celebrates the love which has matured to the next level. The intention is quite clear, a sleazy lethargic song that describes the mood well with some intelligent pianistic experience from the maestro, and not to forget the dream violin in between the interludes. A niche song, yet again has reminiscence from the 80's.Note : Watch out for the first 30 sec melody, sure to hook and immerse you!

Mugil : Ilayaraja version :

No matter how many times we hear his voice, it never bores you down. In an attempt to extract the love by comparing nature at its best, the song breezes across yet again with a symphonic orchestration. The rhythm is spot on,Ilayaraja, who gives us a slow bass treat that strikes the distant chords of soul. Amidst all limelight, the song scores on the slow pace and takes the larger than life role of a Grand Pianistic experience.

Mugil :

It's amazing a song which had a glimpse of the vintage maestro with a classic gesture can become youthful, just with the change of vocals. Yuvan dons the singer cap in the other version of Mugilum song with Ramya's help, and there are slight modifications, however no drop in the zeal and appeal it created. The beau's depiction and exchange between the lovers are the limelight, totally a winner.

Chelam :

The songs that show our Romeo running behind the endless lanes and college buildings for his Juliet, yes! Set on the lines, Yuvan and Ramya yet again team up to a song that tries to be innovative to match today's urban milieu, however has heavy dosage of the classic aroma. Trying to pump up the fresh love with the drums of time, there is more usage of the classic drums between interludes that leaves a scathing remark. All said, an ordinary song in the end with little to innovate and offer, but does not die down easily.

EnnaVendum :

A marriage of love and lust probably with a clean duet makes this song. The recursive stance in the backdrop leashes out quite heavily, Ilayaraja comes up with yet again a tune that is like a whirlwind from the past. Karthik's vocal casting is suffice to the song, however Priya's somehow looks misfit for this song. What amazes you is the lengthy saranam's and beautiful enchanting tunes that the maestro always comes up between the interludes.

Verdict :  He never loses his touch, does he?

Rating : 3.25 /5