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Mili Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, January 24, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
Mili Review
Nivin Pauly, Amala Paul, Kasthuri, Saikumar, Sanusha, Shamna Kasim, Edavela Babu, Praveena, Ambika, Swapna Menon, Riya Saira, Bindu Panicker, Vanitha Krishnachandran, Baby Nandana
Rajesh Pillai
Sathish B Sathish
Gopi Sunder


Watching ‘Mili’ is like watching someone you know or watching you yourself on screen. The movie is that real and immensely ordinary that it is like rewinding a slice of life that is so familiar to us. Rajeesh Pillai does not try to make this familiar piece of life into something unfamiliar or thrilling. The reality captured is very refreshing indeed.

The lens through which Mili’s life progresses is very beautiful. Some may find the pace a tad too slow, but once you settle into this pace, its slow meandering flow becomes quite soothing and meaningful. Mili, played by Amala Paul comes across as a very introverted and shy person. There is a lot of pain and loneliness that Mili carries around. She is one among the many girls that you come across who finds she has no one to call her own and lives in a perpetual limbo.

Mili’s life is very predictable. Her self-affectation and inferiority complex puts off everyone. Nobody likes her character. But there is no one to ask her what her problem is. She continues to live inside her shell, until certain events brings about a slow transformation. At this point, Mili slowly takes wings, learns to make decisions on her own and take a stand. Her transformation and learning to deal with her emotions, forms the crux of the movie.

The reasons for her introverted nature might be something very simple. But for the girl, it is of utmost importance. Making sense of things and sorting out the complex emotional make up is brought out. The movie talks about expectations and of the impact simple things can make on someone. The transformation part is quite inspiring.

The tale is peppered with very apt songs. The songs have a life of its own and blends in with the narrative perfectly. Gopi Sunder and Shaan Rahman have definitely delivered with this movie. It is the songs that keep the emotional element intact throughout. Camera and editing is good and keeps up the feel of the narrative. Amala Paul without make up has been captured beautifully. Story is simple and Mahesh Narayanan has notched up a refreshing tale with a good climax. Amala Paul as Mili does full justice. Her expressions and body language indeed points to her considerable talent. Though the other characters including Nivin Pauly, Sanusha etc are just people along the fringes, they are pivotal to Mili’s life and have done their part well.

The expectations from the Rajeesh Pillai stable have been quite high, after the thrilling ‘Traffic’. But ‘Mili’ is an entirely different offering. Its simplicity and realism is laudable though some may find it slow and much too uncinematic in terms of the usual loud and thrilling sequences.


Rating: 0 / 5.0

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