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Mocked for 'bad luck', Priya Anand gives awesome response

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Mocked for bad luck, Priya Anand gives awesome resposne

Trolling anyone has become a fashion statement these days, and to trend, people indulge in degrading trolls on people, and film stars are the most impacted by trolls. One such recent incident involves actress Priya Anand, the Tamil actress who was seen in the Telugu film 'Ko Ante Koti', opposite Sharwanand, years ago.  

Most recently, a Twitter ID named Aanalagan had tweeted that Priya Anand had acted with Sridevi in 'English Vinglish' (Hindi) and she had passed away and recently had acted in 'LKG' (Tamil), and her co-star JK Ritheesh had passed away, and questioned if Priya Anand is a bad luck for costars. 

Following this, Priya Anand had replied to this tweet in a very sensitive manner. Priya tweeted, "I usually don't respond to people like you. But I just want to let you know that it is a very insensitive thing to say. I get that it’s easy to get away sounding dumb on social media but you, my friend, have it an all-time low! I am not going to respond by bringing you down. But please know that what you say can really trigger a lot of pain in people. So before you make such comments I hope you take a second and practice having some empathy and restrain from such petty frivolous behavior."

After this tweet by Priya, the troller had probably understood the insensitive tweet he had made, and apologized to the actress as he tweeted: "I am very sorry. I accept my mistake. I apologize. Today I was watching both LKG and English Vinglish. You are the common factor in both the films and such a question popped up. So I tweeted just like that. I thought u will never read tweets. Sorry to hurt you."

Accepting the apology with a large heart, Priya replied, "Thank you for your apology. I appreciate it. Funny your handle is all about Love. I hope you can truly experience ur someday cause Loves the only thing that makes the world go around."

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