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Money Ratnam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, September 27, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Money Ratnam Review
Fahadh Faasil, Nazriya Nazim
Santhosh Nair
Raju Mathew
Prasanth Pilla

Money Ratnam,Fahad Fazil

Century films has been one important banner inMollywood for the last three decades making some noteworthy movies. Now their 100th film comes in ‘Money Rathnam’- a movie which is a thoroughly  enjoyable fun-ride for those who are on the look-out for some entertainment. It’s a comedy thriller, a fine one- time watch which adeptly mixes humour , thrills and emotions. The movie has Fahad Fazil as Neil John Samuel, a sales manager working at a Benz showroom in Ernakulam. On an eventful day after a car launch and a couple of successful sales, he is going back home, but misses his regular bus. As he is waiting for the next bus, he changes his priorities, and enters the bar nearby to have a drink. But things go a bit unpredicted as a bunch of goons led by infamous Makudi Das (Joju George), is on his track and Neil, out of the blue, gets into a fight with a couple of them which forces him to flee the place.

In the meantime , a group of local men , Jaleel (Sasi Kalinga) and Joppan (Chembil Ashokan) are trying to sell a precious stone to Isaac (Renji Panicker), who is accompanied by the astrologer (Sunil Sukhada) upon whose advice he is trying to buy the stone. Issac has entrusted his assistant (Kochupreman), a bag with a crore rupees for the deal. Upon certain interesting happenings, the bag goes missing and lands up in the hands of Neil, who happens to reach Tamil Nadu without knowing that he is now the in the possession of a big fortune... In another place Neil’s lover Piya (Niveda Thomas), an activist social worker who runs a charity organisation, is out on a mission to save a bunch of kids, who are in need of  medical care. She is desperately trying to find money to manage an event where she is intending to launch her new support initiative. Also in the fray are a pair of lovers from Tamil Nadu, who had eloped with plans to get married. They get kidnapped and are dumped in a deserted building near Udumalpet in Tamil Nadu. The movie follows these tales which are blended together to form a light-veined entertainer, which also appear a feel good film with right messages.

'Money ratnam' coming from the debutante director Santhosh Nair is a deftly handled film that has fine inputs from everyone in the cast and crew. Santhosh Nair needs to be appreciated for delivering a watchable time-pass movie with every aspects in place , just as made by a seasoned director. The scripts by Anil Narayanan and Ajith.C.Lokesh is well balanced with elements that works out well in a comedy thriller. The former half of the movie  is better than the latter which have a few slow scenes and a climax that is predictable. With just a run time over two hours, the film has inviting twists in regular intervals and punches that propel the film finely through its narratives. In the acting side, Fahad as usual, is good as Neil .

An actor known for his acting grace, this time also proves effective in a role that demands some mass lines, song n’ dancing,  and fights and is more successful in comic scenes. Niveda as Piya is good while Renji Panicker and Joju are believable in their respective roles. All others in the cast are pleasing in their  respective roles. In the technical sides, Niel D Cunha is brilliant in cinematography, which compliments perfectly with the mood and tempo of the film. Editing by Manoj and art-direction by Biju Chandran are also good. The songs by Prasanth Pillai jell well with the plot while the background score is also impressive. In the final analysis , this ‘Money Ratnam’  will be a money spinner for its producers and will get applause from the young viewers and lovers of light comedies and thrillers.  A perfect prescription for a time pass flick, though it may have strong competition from the other release of the week 'Vellimoonga'

Rating -6.5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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