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Moonnamathoral Music Review

Moonnamathoral Music Review
Jayaram, Vineeth, Indrajith, Jyothirmayi, Samvritha Sunil, Sherin
VK Prakash
Bensy Martin
Nostalgic melodies
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, August 16, 2006 • മലയാളം] Comments

Ouseppachan, known for his soft melodies has to bring in a different score for a different movie, Moonnamathoral the first complete digital movie in Malluwood. He has taken the challenge and has delivered the scores in the album with his strength of creating harmonies. The other highlight of the album is the comeback of the lyricist Shibu Chakravarthy after a long time, proving once again that he is ever reliable when asked to pen quality stuff...

1.Nilavinte ....

The title track Nilavinte is a typical Ouseppachan number which is already in the charts. He has given his best with heart and soul in this composition. The musical outing entertains you at the same time, with the lyricist trying to infuse some new words and moods of nostalgia. Following the Rahmanish way of soft percussions, the song appears thrice in the album. A new singer Nighil Mathew also gets an opportunity to render the song with equal ease as Manjari and Venugopal who sing the other versions of the song. Every singer try to merge well with the song giving out their best in the front, but the feel that VenuGopal gives to the proceedings is unmatched.  Even though the song reminds of Pinneyum Pinneyum, Catchy rhythm excels and makes it stand apart, which will make this song one of the best composition of the year.


Another feel good number this time by P.Jayachandran, the veteran who renders the songs with his very well known clarity? The master picks up the mike going for a change signing in a middle pitch avoiding the nasal twang. As usual in Ouseppachan melodies, Flute and violin - dominates the song which has a retro style and feel. It is one of the tunes that you've listened to a few times before, but the difference is the quality orchestration that makes you forget the former reminiscences. And thus it doesn't halt the good work done so far.

3. Peyyukayaaanu ....

This is a racy number which appears in the album twice in the voices of Balu and Jyotsna. Both the singers go for small chippings and space out a different number you can instantly fall for. It has a Penchant folksy tune powered with pace, making it a zestful number to look forward to. The song is an example for how the contributions by singers can make songs live, dynamic and exceptional.

Even though the album features six songs, three songs are repeat versions. But that is not a let down for those who crave for quality music and orchestrations. Ouseppachan who knows best about his conducting abilities has never slipped off a minor drift from your listening smoothness. With a song that may epoch for a time, this is a quality album to be treasured.