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Moonnamathoral Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, August 24, 2006 • മലയാളം ]
Moonnamathoral Review
Jayaram, Vineeth, Indrajith, Jyothirmayi, Samvritha Sunil, Sherin
VK Prakash
Bensy Martin

It's raining effects whether in video or audio, but with lesser reactions from takers. For a cinema that hasn't produced anything beyond the effects overdose, Moonnamathoraal definitely gives nothing more to dimensions of horror films in Malluwood.

But surely V.K.Prakash has the ability to do one memorable than this, when attempting for a test run of digital cinema?

The intention here is not to question the importance of best shots in the making of the film, which so many people consider as the basic of better film making. But the irrelevance of putting together the visual magic of shot beauty without a well knit script.

And that is all about Moonnamathoraal. The latest flick which got much hype due to its fully digital making and satellite supported projection.

We had seen many film makers turning to become successful ad makers, but rarely had we seen some who made it big in feature films after starting their carrer in ads.

V.K.Prakash, who has shown much of his calibre with his debut in Punaradhivaasam which fetched the national awards, once again falters here in need of a sketchy script. He has worked with well made shots and fast cuts but that by itself won't make a better film. Rajesh Jayaraman, the script writer once again proves himself a disclaimer when dealing with subjects that raise eyebrows. 

The film brings together many sequences that we had seen in Ram Gopal Varma Horrror shows, but most leaving us without a chill.

Even the title sequence is a recreation of that of a RGV flick. If the first half shows the reminiscences of Bhoot, the later half rotates around the likes of Vaasthu Shastra and co.

The film opens with the two girls, nurses by profession, choosing to live in an old palace, their long cherished dream. The perfect setting for every horror flicks.  Under normal circumstances, the two lone girls would take out a cross or chant the hymns, as they try to  live together in such a palace. But here Anupama and Anne are little bolder to find themselves in good state as they have  only a bungalow care taker as friend, anywhere around. Ominous voices and figures loom large in the dark corners of the eerie mansion which the girls happen to see at times and become distressed. And when trying to sort out the happenings with the help of Dr. Arun, a psychiatrist, they find something special about themselves.

The second half projects an entire different narrative, more gripping than the first. Here a police office is renting out the same house for providing a mood support to his wife who writes horror novels. As she gets increasingly disoriented with the happenings in the house and its surroundings, the police officer agonizing over his wife's mental state, tries to sort out the havocs inflicted upon their life again with the help of Dr. Arun who is the only available doctor around, accompanied by a frenzied background score. Telling more, will waste the chances for the few who tries to taste the feel of the horror

The highlight of the film is Lokanathan's camera which commenced its terrifying journey and the audio track which assumed a menacing pitch. For those few who took the feel and hange on the the edge of the seat very well realized shortly that nothing is  happening, as no great twists is waiting round the corner.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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