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Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, May 3, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal Review
Asif Ali, Sunny Wayne , Sunil Sukhatha, Swathi Reddy, Janani Iyer
Ajith Pillai
Niyas Ismail, Jinno


Ajith Pillai's debut film 'Mosayile kuthirameenukal' has plenty of things similar to the last year's noteworthy hit `Aamen'. Apart from that the film is shot by Abhinandham Ramanujam and with music by Prashath Pillai who too worked for `Aamen', this film also uses  plenty of visual references and styles from the other, for good. A visual spectacle, the movie is a decent film, though it may not entertain everyone used to the pace of masala flicks. 

The movie is told as a flashback story told by Alex(Asif Ali), the 14th son of a wealthy house hold of Kottayam. Though he inherits a big fortune, his attempts to enjoy his life at the fullest gets him into big trouble and behind  bars. But Alex can't sustain a single day behind jail and from the day one he starts to plan how to jump out. His initial plans fails , but his consistent efforts helps him to escape via a century old drainage channel, where he unexpectedly meets  Akbar Ali(Sunny Wayne) who takes the same route to escape. Within a day Alex sees his fortunes reversed as he is asked to bring back Akbar who eloped from jail with him. Now all set to follow Akbar, who hails from Lakshadives, Alex finds that he has much more to do in the life of Akbar than to snatch him and bring him back.

The highlight of the movie is best of the shots ever of Lakshadives  by cinematographer Abinandam Ramanujam. Much of the movie is like  a travelogue, with interesting dialogues by P S Rafeeque(Amen fame). Ajith Pillai, who has also co-scripted the film, just manages to pack it as a decent entertainer, as plentiful of ideas that pass through doesn't get registered in the mind of an average viewer. The initial story of Alex is quite heavy and the Asif Ali lacks sequences offered to  a regular hero. The movie could have been a perfect one, had the director managed to place each of the sequences and brilliant ideas sprinkled all through with more finesse avoiding the lags that you witness at some points. Anyhow, while considering him as a debutante, this is an excellent feat from Ajith Pillai. Prashanth Pillai's music and the background score are brilliant at times and are offbeat in some scenes.

In the histrionics side Asif Ali just manages to be in the role and often his mistimed barbs and comments  doesn't work well for the movie, every time .  Sunny Wayne, meanwhile, with his subtle expressions and limited dialogues shines as Akbar, and carries the movie in its second half.  Swati Reddy is good as Isa, Akbar's love while Janani Iyer has nothing much to do.

On the whole , `Mosayile Kuthirameenukal' which means the `swordfishes of Lakshdweep' at 131 minutes , is not that perfect as a complete entertainer. But it has its fine moments and extremely good technical sides. The hard work of all behind the film is visible throughout (with that rare sequences like that of whale hunt and plenty of  underwater shots).Go for the movie if you want one that is much different from the regular, one that is narrated much differently.

Rating - 6.5/10 



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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