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Mullassery Madhavan Kutty Nemam P O Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, February 15, 2012 • മലയാളം ]
Mullassery Madhavan Kutty Nemam P O Review
Anoop Menon, Sonal Devaraj, Innocent, Salim Kumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu
Kumar Nandha
KS Chandra, Sam Varghese
Raveendran Mash , Ratheesh Vegha
Mullassery Madhavankutty Nemam PO

When you plan to make one family movie in Mollywood, 'Madhavan' is the rightest name that gel well with the protagonists of the genre, as many of the family flicks with the hero with a 'Madhavan' name has done well at the Box Office. Scenarist Swathy Bhaskar must have thought to create a hit by thinking in these lines, but what really backfired while making 'Mullassery Madhavan Kutty, Nemom P O' is that, Swathy and the director Kumar Nandha has lifted not only the popular name but also the styles of making and cliches galore that were the integral part of overly sentimental movies of the eighties and nineties.

The movie has Anoop Menon as the title character Madhavan Kutty, a soft-spoken government servant living a happy life with his wife Seetha (Sonal Devaraj), his mother (KPAC Lalitha) and a daughter. Life was going beautiful for them with smaller aspirations like building their own house, until one day Madhavan meet up with an old friend at a club. He provokes him to the extremes which finally make Madhavan to produce a film and thereby teach his old friend a lesson. The rest, as you know, is the struggles, setbacks and final feat that make our hero do the unthinkable.

With a much predictable theme and settings, the movie stands by all the fundamental melodramatic elements that are now enjoyed best on small screen. Giving a look of the movies of the eighties, the narratives or sequences seldom invite your interest as many movies have already appeared in Malayalam, linking the hardships of film making and family life of those involved in it with a lot of passion. And at times when you won't find people working hard to make an impression with quality films than to create business, the plot itself feels distant and outdated.

Anoop Menon in his first outing as a family hero doesn't impress much in a role that doesn't have anything demanding and fresh. So is the rest of the cast who sleep walks through their respective roles. Suraj Venjaaramoodu and Bala come up in smaller roles, which we doubt are plans to add to the selling points of the satellite rights. The technical side also is in mood with the narratives with nothing exceptional in store. The only relief is the visuals, music side and a song 'Paathy Maayum Chandralekhe' composed by Late Raveendran.

'Mullassery Madhavan Kutty, Nemom P O' ends up as a movie that may not be applauded by much of the viewers of our times. Maybe, a few of the families may get interested.




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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