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Mumbhai Connection: of indie wind and creative zing

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 • Hindi Comments

A perfect example of the indie sector's ability to tackle storylines that studios would shy away from, US based Atlanta Nagendra’s dark comedy "Mumbhai Connection" is hitting theatres this Friday 22nd August.

Already received pats from AAFF (Atlanta Asian Film Festival) as best comedy narrative feature, TWIFF (Third World Independent Film Festival) - best comedy, and technical claps from UMMFF (Urban Media Makers Film Festival) in USA Atlanta Nagendra’s ‘Mumbhai Connection’ is designed keeping the true connoisseur of good cinema at heart but also has something to offer to the mainstream audience in its mind as well.

Adds Nagendra, "It’s by no means just an artsy festival film. It is real commercial film entertainer, complete with item number and even has an important message for those in the field of IT, especially those looking to work in the US".

Based on an interesting concept of twining Mafia with IT industry, ‘Mumbhai Connection’ is an interestingly entertaining struggle of the hero, Faisal Khan played by Rafiq Batcha, an Indian IT salesman in Atlanta, who is forced to sell IT to the mafia."

Nagendra’s entry in the world of light, camera and action is inspired by Nagesh Kukunoor’s tryst with cinema in his seminal movie, Hyderabad Blues in 1998 its almost sixteen years since ‘Hyderabad Blues’ indie revolution took place in India, but still it’s not as sweet as sixteen experience for an indie filmmaker to release his debut flick. It has being tough for Nagendra but finally he is glad to see his dream ‘Mumbhai Connection’ getting realized on silver screen over here.

Shares the debutant filmmaker, "Fate has been kind enough to have given us great response and awards at film festivals and to getting us great partners at this final stage - Distributors, Online Media, Print Media, TV and so on."

Excited and eager to know the response from the audience Nagendra fingers are crossed as his future role as a filmmaker depends on the audience feedback which might influence the flavor of his next projects but in no way it will stop the innovative filmmaker to tell those stories in which he believes, he says, "As filmmaker, you always look back at your previous project (business, audience, reach) and decide what you want to tackle next. What Mumbhai Connection will not influence is my unwavering focus in continuing to create new projects to tell stories I believe in".

Having faith in his believes and the future of indie cinema Nagendra feels it’s a global challenge, even Hollywood indie filmmakers face. It's a long way to really make an impact. It's difficult but not impossible so long as the distributors and production houses are willing to add indies to their portfolio of films - you never know when you might find that next big talent, or tap into the pulse of a market that you did not exist but the indie film catches that".

Certainly for Atlanta Nagendra and its Mumbhai Connection team it’s time to catch the audience buzz. Bollywood’s commercial journey of gangster flicks before the arrival of RGV’s masterpiece ‘Satya’ was ruled by ‘inspired’ adaptations of ‘Godfather’ - Dharmatma (1975), Scarface (Agneepath) (1990), Nagendra’s ‘Mumbhai Connection’ an indie dark gangster comedy consisting of people from across the world hoping to creates its indie wind with its creative zing to deliver consequential cinema to its audience.

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